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Recent content by Devinup

  1. Devinup

    PVE Endgame infinite battling Content

    End-game Island There will be a mini island fully dedicated to end-game activities (something similar to the Battle frontier in you know what game). The island will have different (3-4-5) buildings, each one with its own mechanics (but all relative to Temtem battles) where players will be able...
  2. Devinup

    Story behind siapark / place for a luma sink

    What if I told you that it's not called Siapark?
  3. Devinup

    temtem trading card mini game

    I always thought the card games from FF8/9 and KotOR were a lot of fun. I'd love to have an option like that. Tired of temtem pvp? Try playing another tamer in a little strategy card game. Maybe you could unlock new cards or win dyes or something from it. More activities are always nice. Could...
  4. Devinup

    Make the future of Ladder PvP Battle-Sim-Styled

    Draft pvp is on the roadmap released a long time ago. If that's still planned, that could be a mode that appeals to the "get in and pvp" crowd.
  5. Devinup

    its time to rethink the reward structures (loot boxes suck!) [POLL included, please VOTE]

    I like crystles! But I also think some way of working towards a specific reward (tokens) would be really nice, even if it's slow. So many lootbox rewards. For all I know, something like this could be in the works for the end game island or something but right now it feels pretty bad.
  6. Devinup

    I think it would be nice to have an option to confirm if you really want to run from a Temtem during a radar.

    I've done a lot of radars and I've only ever accidentally ran away and broke one once. Does it happen? Sure. Do we need Crema to put bumpers up so we can't mess up? I don't think so.
  7. Devinup

    Telemer hack Trader NPC

  8. Devinup

    Too expensive Daily Cycle & Seasonal Cycle & Weather

    I really hope it's able to pull through. The alternate night music was an exciting prospect to me.
  9. Devinup

    just depressing

    You can afk and check in on it every 10-15 minutes, do the encounters, and afk again. It takes forever and isn't exactly fun but hopefully whatever else you're doing between encounters is cool.
  10. Devinup

    let's vote and comment on

    7, 13, 16, 30 And the ones that are already in the game
  11. Devinup

    Returning player's impressions and suggestions

    Isn't the SV autoscaling already toggle able in the menu?
  12. Devinup

    Lets talk luma Tyranak...

    So I don't think luma tyranak should be common. That kind of defeats the purpose. But right now, probably only one or two people will ever get one (if you can even actually get one). I guess that's not a huge deal honestly, but what if there was a lowish chance to have one or both of the parents...
  13. Devinup

    Global Chat should be removed

    I always default to local chat as it's what I'd prefer to use. That said, it's usually dead. Sometimes conversations pop up in the breeding center but that's about it. I think the inconsistent sharing makes it hard to have a conversation between two people who are actually doing something...
  14. Devinup

    Phantom Matchmaking -> Temtem Up on the Road!

    I saw someone suggest a similar idea but for houses. You could visit someone's house and see an NPC version of their tamer with a team they put together and battle an AI version of them. It'd also encourage people to visit other's houses. Not sure about being able to pve battle someone when...
  15. Devinup

    This game really needs a casual battle mode.

    Talking from Hearthstone experience, casual battles can be interesting but are often filled with the same copy paste teams and try hard strategies that you find over in ranked. Ultimately it's not that different. Not sure how or if you can remedy that.