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Writing, Design and Structure of the Dissertation

Dissertations (from the Latin dissertation - reasoning) are divided into master's, candidate and doctoral. Each of them corresponds to a certain level of the pay someone to write my paper author's training, the novelty and complexity of his scientific developments.

A master's thesis is inherently very close to a thesis, which has already been written about in detail, so here is some information only about the requirements for writing candidate and doctoral dissertations.

In our country, two academic degrees are accepted: candidate of science and doctor of science. To qualify for the degree of Candidate of Sciences, you must have a higher education. To qualify for the degree of Doctor of Science, you must have the degree of Candidate of Science.

An academic degree is awarded on the basis of a public defense of a dissertation, which is submitted by book report papers as a manuscript or monograph. According to the requirements for doctoral dissertations, it is allowed to perform work in the form of a scientific report containing a summary of the research results. If this form of performing a doctoral dissertation is preferred, it is necessary to reinforce the report with 50 or more published scientific papers.

The Candidate of Science degree is awarded by the Dissertation Council, while the Doctor of Science degree is awarded by the Federal Service for Supervision of Education and Science. This is followed by an examination at the Higher Attestation Commission (Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science).

According to the requirements for dissertations

The volume of the Ph.D. thesis is 120-170 pages. The volume of a doctoral dissertation is 200-300 pages. The dissertation is drawn up in typewritten form, the text is typed at 2 intervals (1800 printed characters per page (30 lines x 60 characters per line)).

It is desirable for write my business report to formulate phrases in an impersonal style, avoiding the use of such words as "I" and "we" in relation to the author. A structure that you might want to follow looks like this:

  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction

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