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Recent content by Rigaudon

  1. Rigaudon

    Luma Sink Megathread

    Luma sinks feel needed because common lumas feel more like "junk" than they should, and people feel like they can't even use this "junk" to reach their own personal goals. There are multiple ways to approach this problem, and multiple approaches can exist at the same time. Old topic about...
  2. Rigaudon

    How Zenoreth could have a separate niche when compared to Valash

    Yeah, this is a clean way to do it I think. This matches the goals of my concept. Channeler is specialized, new trait isnt but has less power.
  3. Rigaudon

    How Zenoreth could have a separate niche when compared to Valash

    Had this discussion in the #competitive discord chat and I want to write it down before I forget it. Disclaimer that I don't think Zenoreth is weak, but I do think that Zenoreth has an issue with role overlap (valash/tort/zeno, and Zeno normally loses out). Currently, Zeno is the last pick...
  4. Rigaudon

    Compendium of Temtem PVP Resources

    Whoops. It should be fixed now.
  5. Rigaudon

    Compendium of Temtem PVP Resources

    I will add and remove resources as they are created or become outdated. Let me know if I missed anything that is currently up-to-date. How to get money/resources so you can get into PVP after the story ends: Here is a list of what you can do when you beat the story, including some "get into...
  6. Rigaudon

    The Dojo Problem

    My brain is foggy so this is going to be less concise and well-worded than my usual posts, so forgive any repeating elements lol. Even before dojo re-runs even existed, those perfect luma tems never have been "easily recognized as affordable" for regular people. Most of the people that can...
  7. Rigaudon

    Regarding Balancing and Technique Variety

    Oceara's time in the spotlight was called the "VOAT" meta. Vulffy, Oceara, Amphatyr, Tulcan. It is commonly considered one of the worst/most oppressive metas the PVP community has seen. This meta ended when Plague, Fiery Soul, and Oceara were nerfed. Oceara had previously seen a nerf before...
  8. Rigaudon

    Assigned [0.7.6] Closing Tutorial Popups When Unequipping Items Causes Guaranteed Freeze

    Hopefully the attached logs are correct...this is happening on my character named "rererere" who exists on the Discord version. I have not tried to recreate this with "Rig" from the Steam version. I have both Discord and Steam versions so oh boy. Here's freeze 1 with a Tuvine (unequip item)...
  9. Rigaudon

    Why weren't Telohack/hotfix Boxes removed from the overworld in the first place?

    If the issue with the Original Telohacks were that people were resetting accounts for them to obtain more than intended, why didn't Crema just gut that to begin with? We'd still have the old (somewhat now fixed) issue of Mythicals being tied to Luma values, so the split was necessary. But we...
  10. Rigaudon

    PVP Accessibility - A Huge Problem

    Added note since I was helping another new player today. There is always something the game does or fails to explain that makes people (especially new players) spend hours of their life, unnecessarily, on a task that they didn't even find enjoyable. It is normally through a grind that wasn't...
  11. Rigaudon

    PVP Accessibility - A Huge Problem

    i give things to new players all the time. Information, tems, straight up a chunk of pansuns. All that to say: I am especially familiar with what PVP-aspiring newbies struggle with. For a new player to seamlessly get into PVP, the running "cost" is 100k+. This is to afford PVE tems (tukai...
  12. Rigaudon

    Consider removing a weakness from Mental types (PVP)

    Very true! I call it "compensating" in the post but indeed, mentals can be individually compensated with secondary elements to their design. Digitals I think just need.a stat buff in most places
  13. Rigaudon

    Consider removing a weakness from Mental types (PVP)

    I know this seems extreme, but I've been sitting on this for a while. It's been brought up a few times in comp chat and PVP social circles. If nothing else, let my rational magnify why Mentals are so hard to fit onto teams. Yes, I am aware that I'm proposing something huge that will require a...
  14. Rigaudon

    ADD MR rank- for lairs [to prevent noobs from joining]

    (1): clans do not work for players like me, i have played MMOs for 10 years LOL, and not in a single game have i joined a club. I prefer to be a single man army. Forcing players to go co-ap or be at mercy of rng is never good game design. You are playing an MMO. A group-oriented, social...
  15. Rigaudon

    Assigned [0.7.0] Sasaya's goggles are a little too transparent

    This is both hilarious and petty. It hurts nothing and affects nobody. ...But you can see the world behind her goggles in any cutscene. =D https://prnt.sc/11cmyvm