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  1. Frisco

    Open Can't claim Fisher Kudo in game after completing it twice

    Exactly the same here, very disappointed. I also had the exact same issue with the Gearless elite kudo. Now it feels like my efforts were for nothing, so I hope the game remembers that I got them and can claim them when it gets fixed later: logs: Player prev https://pastebin.com/Gz6TnAg5...
  2. Frisco

    WTS perfect male Zephyruff, air spec, egg move, 1 fert left!

    for 24K or DM me offer
  3. Frisco

    WTB w/ Egg Moves: 7/7 Ganki, Kinu (protector), Zephy (Toxic).

    I have a 7SV toxic affi zephyruff w/ feather gatling for 25K if you're still interested :)