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    Open 1.0.0 still no twitch stream rewards

    I still haven't gotten my twitch banner and backpack rewards its been two days since i have clamed them on twitch. i have them linked correctly to my steam. my id is Zaramoth #148700 let me know if there is anything else i need to provide
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    Open 1.0.0 Cant Claim Kudos

    i achieved it after 1.0
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    Open 1.0.0 Cant Claim Kudos

    I have some Kudos that i am unable to claim. they arn't greyed out and it shows the claim button but it will not claim. i was able to claim some just not certain ones. for example i got a luma and says i can clam the blin blin kudos but it will not let me claim it. Zaramoth #148700