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  1. alexshi2015

    Winter Event: Earnest criticism

    Some ppl hate and would never do fishing, some would never do PVP, and some might never do capturing. That's the main problem i saw with this event - it's not catering to everyone. I woud say that the ultimate reward should be obtained via various ways, not simply "complete all the tasks". For...
  2. alexshi2015

    Open [0.1.0] Wrenching Massage animation causing freeze

    THe game freezes when the AI opponents use wrenching massage. had to close and restart the game everytimne. In digi lair
  3. alexshi2015

    different % radar in 1.0?

    this argument is wrong. so if the 100% luma radar will cost 20 times or even 50 times the feathers, why would it make lumas devalued? Hypothetically, if everyone's opts for the 100% radar that cost 20 times the prices, the total luma yield will decrease by 60-75%, since normally it only takes...
  4. alexshi2015

    different % radar in 1.0?

    your right. Fixed the maths
  5. alexshi2015

    different % radar in 1.0?

    This will serve more or less the same purpose. Although I think this mechanism might be slightly harder to code, compare to simply selling 100% radar at 10 times the price. Both methods work the same way. We know there are multiple ways to get luma radars, luma eggs etc in 1.0 ... so it...
  6. alexshi2015

    different % radar in 1.0?

    Just wanna throw an idea here and see what people think. SO Yaw said a wiplump radar will cost 40 feathers, and it should grant 15% chance of luma spawn presumably. Through simple maths we know that it takes around 17 or 18 radars to have around 95% luma chance. 18 radars x40=720 feathers. This...
  7. alexshi2015

    Duplicated [0.9.4] GAG hedgine bug at stage changes > +5

    Multiple occurrences of a bug when GAG hedgine gets +5 of, say +8 ATK and dies, the +8ATK does not go to its ally.
  8. alexshi2015

    Radar: Number of Encounters gained from Ladder Games and Wins

    Not really trying to "Force luma farming players into PvP", but was trying to come up with some luma rewards for those players who spend lots time on PVP but particularly don't like luma farming. The mechanism does sound a bit silly and I apologise. Wish I came up with something nicer ...
  9. alexshi2015

    Radar: Number of Encounters gained from Ladder Games and Wins

    This suggestion might also serve to get the luma farming players into pvp...
  10. alexshi2015

    Radar: Number of Encounters gained from Ladder Games and Wins

    Radars are gonna be great in 1.0, only requiring 300 encounters when the base luma rate gets boosted to 1/7500. The aim of this post is to voice for a group of players who have expressed that radar grinding is repetitive and unbearable. It's understandable that there are lots of players who...
  11. alexshi2015

    Warning: The massive problem with Temtems competitive

    I really hope the grind issue can be solved by crema properly at 1.0. Just to quote Yaw's own words here Steam Community :: YaW :: Games Yaw reviewed a game saying "Can't really recommend this one. The game is truly boring and repetitive. The PVP content *looks* good, but you need to spend 200h...
  12. alexshi2015

    Changes so that the game is less grindy in 1.0

    First, I'd like to quote another post: " ...for a long time now Crema has argued that not focusing on core problems (Team Grind, Randomness in Rewards, Constant punishing of the trade system, rare radars and more) ... Go on any social media site where people are talking about the game and you...
  13. alexshi2015

    0.9 is great, now lets talk about balance re: mono-typed tems

    0.9 is awesome. The trading house was great, mounts are great, and it's always good to try new gears in a new meta. I know it's too early to say what's meta and what's good in PVP as 0.9 just landed a few days ago, but there are a few obvious things that are the leftovers of the last patch, and...
  14. alexshi2015

    Open Friend stuck at the main quest "first steps" after coop

    So my friend has actually completed the main quests and has progressed through the 6 islands. However, he recently played coop and this has led to the bug where he gets the main quest "First steps" again, and he is unable to complete this quest whatsoever. Here are some photos where you could...
  15. alexshi2015

    lair machanism, teamplay and rewards

    quite reasonable suggestions. 100% agreed
  16. alexshi2015

    lair machanism, teamplay and rewards

    There has been much discussion about the lair mechanism, teamplay features and rewards/loot since June 2021. As far as I know, there are slight buffs to the loot system, but the other aspects remain unchanged. There was no debrief about whether any aspect of the lair will change in the future -...
  17. alexshi2015

    Fertility too restrictive

    imo it should remain how it is. "If every tem is born with at least 1 fertility, you'd have a ton of perfect tems with every breeding session." I agree
  18. alexshi2015

    Increase encounter rate when pheromones or temspotters are active.

    aAgreed. walking back and forth like an idiot for a solid 30sec doesn't sound too long but for the player its the longest 30sec on that day
  19. alexshi2015

    Suggestion: An option to skip "accept" when levelling

    agreed. could same much time. Or, having an option to skip the Exp gain window after each battle - so that we don't have to press F after every battle.... almost gonna get finger cramps or tendonitis from pressing F too much during luma hunting
  20. alexshi2015

    TC040 horror design and balance

    Yeah thats also what i was trying to say. awaking up a tem just to do 165 base power dmg is not worth it.
  21. alexshi2015

    cURRENT balancing issues and possible solutions

    Having participated in gold tourney (IGT) every week, I would say that I can partially agree with you. Yes Freeze deserves some changes. Yes there are many tems competing for the same role, and there are some tems that are underpowered and so we never see them in meta. However I don't agree...
  22. alexshi2015

    Idea to allow hacks to work on lumas until 35

    I agree this is a great idea Hack till 35 or 30 or 20and then you have to use hotfix...whatever the number is... Using hotfix on luma with single digit SPD is not a valid option. I might quit the game before it gets 50sv
  23. alexshi2015

    TC040 horror design and balance

    I see ur point and I agree horror is unique in that its STA cost is minimal compared to gamma burst. and yeah Horror might be played by grumper or nox. Horror defs work for PVE as well. I was trying to say that Horror is not good enough for comp. Horror is way too far to enter the comp play...
  24. alexshi2015

    Luma Hunting, the most casual activity, has become the opposite

    This is defs me and a lots of ppl I know. Hopefully some changes are coming. luma hunting does get tedious with time...