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    Can we please address wasted experience seriously?

    If they really struggle to find a solution for the problem, here is something they should be able to implement relatively easily: Just give every lvl 100 Tem an invisible ignoramus cloak (or whatever the name is), you already have the tech, just do some slight of hand that no player will ever...
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    I haven't played much actively, but I try to do at least the dojo rematches to not get too rusty, and I used the same PvP team for 3-4 month without ever changing anything. The only difference I noticed is that I sometimes have to play a bit more careful and let burst stamina run out before...
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    Warning: The massive problem with Temtems competitive

    Do you have any sources for your claim? Like a quote or something?
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    Warning: The massive problem with Temtems competitive

    With Temtem now nearing a release date, I think it is extremely important to talk about one giant elephant in the room that might choke Temtem to death if it isn't addressed. In general, a competitive scene is extremely helpful for any game as it is a relatively cheap way for a developer to...
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    Not a bug Forum bug

    The dark mode of the forum is bugged, some of the markers are unreadable, like white text on white background.
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    So now we got some balancing done and overall the most obvious stuff has been addressed. Here comes the problem, how do we find out what truly is broken? Usually people like to play around, test stuff or run wacky strategies on ladder or in regular tournaments. I think we will only see what is...
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    I like the competitive aspect of Temtem and I have given reports and feedback on a number of different issues over the whole early access phase, but now with lvl 100 and all Tems in the game, I think it is time for some overall thought and ideas where we are now that the competitive aspect is...
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    About Slingshot

    Just to clarify the comparison with old protector: Protector gave 2 stat changes (DEF + SPDEF) every time Kinu swapped. Very strong but also kind of predictable, and you lose the turn on one side every time you use it. Slingshot gives 3 stat changes (DEF + SPDEF + SPD) and it can be used with...
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    About Slingshot

    Pretty sure everyone right now agrees that Slingshot the way it is now is kind of crazy. I like that Crema tried to make Slingshot something that can be used, but the way it is now wasn't really thought through, because many small attacks exist that make it way too easy to proc a massive buff...
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    Mythicals and PvP

    An idea would be that, if we get some kind of weekly activity for PvP, you would just get an egg (after you have done the raid once) after your first 10 wins of the week. They could obviously limit it so that you can't get multiple eggs (so no eggs for 10 PvP wins if you already got one from a...
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    Ease–of–acces for PvP as THE end–game content

    While I agree that PvP should be more accessible (leveling and TV training costs a lot of time, especially if you want to try multiple different teams the time investment skyrockets very fast), I don't think you approach has any merit, especially if your example is that you are stuck in a dojo...
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    Duplicated [0.7.2] Blackscreen after a tamer battle

    I had the same problem (2 times during the new patch trainer battles), I have a suspicion that the new anti flashing light measure might be at fault. Unfortunately I have no more trainers to battle, but in wild encounters I had zero problem since I disabled the new feature that gets rid of the...
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    Temtem Beginner questions about this game

    I mean if you like running around in the grass for hours on end, I would say you are quite right with Temtem. Radars, FreeTem and Saipark seem to be exactly what you are looking for.
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    Competitive and Concerns with Game Balance

    I feel the major issue with the 'meta' that we have at the moment is a mixture of digital, speed changes and big boosts. Digital is a problem because you can't really wall it (exceptions are extremely tanky tems or iridescent Kooishs), which makes double digital leads very hard to counter (the...
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    Investigating [0.7.1] Voodoo no longer activating on Autodestruction

    I found out the same thing in a dojo rebattle while playing around with loatle, autodestruct goes off, deals damage, but the expected voodoo damage doesn't happen afterwards. From what I understand and how it works otherwise it should activate the skill and afterwards deal the damage you dealt...
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    Big problem with typings!

    That strength of the move clearly depends on the individual Tem and the balancing in general, that is why my initial point was about basic usable moves, but for some Tems more might be necessary.
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    Big problem with typings!

    Later level? We are already at level 70 and some moves that are the single damaging move of a type are learned at level 4... That is not really an argument, is it? There is a difference between nuke moves and basic moves. Basic moves are, well, the basic of your kit. Those are usually used to...
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    Big problem with typings!

    True I didn't mention synergies, because synergies of a dead typing is purely supportive and I focused on the non supportive side of things.
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    Big problem with typings!

    Amazing that you read what I wrote. I never mentioned HKS, Hypoxia or Tornado and even specified that viability is not equivalent to not having access to any moves.
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    Big problem with typings!

    The most annoying thing for me about Temtem are the forgotten Tems that have dead types. I'm a competitive player and I love team building and theorycrafting, and it makes me mad every time I come across one of those 'forgotten' Tems. What I mean are Tems that are interesting in certain aspects...
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    Competitive Pick and Ban Imbalances

    I would like to see this new version of pick/ban as the new baseline, as it is superior to the earlier version. It is not perfect, and we can fine tune it more with more data and games under the belt, but going back to the old system would feel like a step backwards. This system should be the...
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    (Poll) Nuzlocke Temtem Randomization

    I can see the problem with people just creating the perceived optimal roster without any randomization, but I also dislike taking away player agency in building their teams. A way to create some choice that matters could be to reduce the amount of cards you get but improve the catch rate, so you...
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    Cerneaf shouldn't have Bush.

    This really gets tiring. You didn't say it was overpowered, but you want Bush removed from Cerneaf, for exactly that reason. I can tell you to go from one continent to the other in max 12 hours and tell you I didn't say you have to use a plane, but a plane is the only way to achieve that. You...
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    Cerneaf shouldn't have Bush.

    You missed the point there. I never said one match is statistical proof, but an example for how easy it is to circumvent something like a set up Cerneaf. Cerneaf being on a lot of teams also doesn't mean that it is played a lot, it is often ran as a tanky nature attacker to counter things like...
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    Community Feedback on Ban/Ban appeals

    We have already been through this @Tao your argument is besides the point. You either haven't read the whole post or didn't understand what was said. As described in the first post the problem is not that the ban system might have the occasional false alarm, but how it is handled afterwards. In...