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  1. ARTRA

    Add kudos for stickers in each island

    Add kudos when you get all stickers from an island. A few feathers nothing important. The point its that if you are missing 1 sticker at least you dont need to walk again the whole game, just watch wich island isn,t completed so you can focus on that one.
  2. ARTRA

    German rename of Mushi is bad.

    "Champiñon" its a type of mushroom and sounds like "Champion".
  3. ARTRA

    Turn TC 09 Antitoxines into TC 09 Metabolize

    Metabolize its better than Antitoxines and have more chances to shine by removing poison from enemies to heal yourself. While not an OP move i think that its better as TC and just everyone that learn Antitoxines now can learn Merabolize. Unless im forgetting someone, i dont think of a temtem...
  4. ARTRA

    Cosmetics and furniture: suggestions and desires, the Megathread

    Things that foirniture could do. PC: See information of saipark,freetem,weekly koish, patch notes. TV: Watch random PvP encounters of people. Mail: See patch notes, leave gifts (my friend its offline i leave this chair and kiwis in front of his house). Bed: Heal like temporium. Vault: Add...
  5. ARTRA

    Give Noxo Metabolism

    Looks lile Trance Noxo outperform Toxic skin Noxo. With metabolism in his moveset Noxo could, in addition to help allies, eat the poison Toxic Skin aplies to the enemy then reapply it. Looks to me a funny gimmick and dont think trance Noxo can abuse this. What do you think?
  6. ARTRA

    Open Cant claim Kudo rewards

    I cant claim the rewards from my kudos. I click on the orange completed one and nothing. Claimed yesterday like 4 of them and then stopped to work.
  7. ARTRA

    Assigned Weird interaction Narcoleptic Vs Voltaic Charge

    Nidra hits Golzy with narcoleptic, Nidra goes to sleep, then damage from Voltaic Charge wake up Nidra, then Nidra goes back to sleep again.
  8. ARTRA

    Suggestion for Kudo Luma Tempedia retroactive

    The reverse monolith could be in fact a solution for small lumas and tiny cup. Yes some temtems need to forget moves when devolving, but doesnt look an imposible.
  9. ARTRA

    Suggestion for Kudo Luma Tempedia retroactive

    Thats what i mean, yes some peolpe is going to have the luma preevolution without chatching it. The point is this, what is "more fair": - People need to catch again all luma preevolution. - Some people get some entries in the tempedia for free. I would prefer to have my lumas in the tempedia...
  10. ARTRA

    Suggestion for Kudo Luma Tempedia retroactive

    I understand that there is no database, so i would like to propose something. As an exclusive thing just for this time. Add to the Kudo tempedia/luma the Preevolutions of temtem you already have with your OT. I mean, if i have a Granpah, register in the tempedia Paharo and Paharac, same for...
  11. ARTRA

    If the tempedia kudos can't be fully retroactive, temtem currently in your computer that were caught by you should count towards it

    Yeah i will like to have for example, my luma paharo because i already have a luma granpah, but just for this time as a fix for the retroactive part. You count smaller temtem of temtem/lumas you have with your OT in your team/PC.
  12. ARTRA

    Not enough info [0.7.3] Blackscreen after spectating or game in tournament

    Not the same, but stuck after spectate a friend in tournament, at least i could see the battlefield.
  13. ARTRA

    Saku vs. Loali

    To me they are too similar, loali a little more damage, saku heals. I would like a bigger difference between those two.
  14. ARTRA

    Does anyone prefer radars spawning evolved lumas?

    I would prefer by a lot the Luma "small temtem" and then evolve it.
  15. ARTRA

    Nidrasil Techniques e Traits best

    ""Nidrasil doesn't have a good technique or traits"" Toxic ink is very good and Tri-Apothecary is awesome. Also bark shield to buff defenses and alergic to inflict poison to 2 temtem its very good. But yes toxic farewell in a temtem with toxic ink and apothecary is useless. Just remove toxic...
  16. ARTRA

    Changes for Crystle, Sherald and Tortelini

    A few things that i belive could be changed or at least pointed for Crystle evo line in general. -Its weird that Crystle and Sherald use Atk and then Tortelini Uses S. Atk and drop Atk into the ground. - I really thing Tortelinis Traits should swap order so your starter for the story have a...
  17. ARTRA

    Tsunami Visual Improvement

    We need to wait for a ship or something like that, too much water for a surfboard.
  18. ARTRA

    Tsunami Visual Improvement

    To be honest, i really forgot the "R" so i put it the best way possible, only true experts can notice that little mistake xD.
  19. ARTRA

    Tsunami Visual Improvement

    When you use tsunami, your character ride the waves with your surfboard.
  20. ARTRA

    Achievements/Trophies Ideas

    Fishmonger: Find every 5/5 type koish. Lumapedia: Complete luma tempedia. I remember it was harder: Win a dojo rematch without losing a temtem. Decorator: You have furniture in your home that cost X(big) amount of pansuns. This have a little more work. Every luma evolutionary line (With your...
  21. ARTRA

    Quicksand rework

    Normal: Slows 1 temtem 1 lvl. Air sinergy: Slows 1 team 1 lvl. I dont get the self slow part :S
  22. ARTRA

    Ask to change temtem when opponent picks new temtem.

    There are already VERY good spots to lvl up. The elemental sanctuaries. But are in Mid/Late game (Late for an Earlly acces). And i dont think that know what your oponent its going to do is "strategy", more like "easy mode". But yes in early game is a little hard to lvl up with Skails and...
  23. ARTRA

    Dojo Rematch difficult too high and the reward is ugh..

    Well i went with some normal temtems not even 7 50s, not egg moves and i didnt lost any single time in 2 weeks. So to me they are OK.
  24. ARTRA

    Utility for PC/TV in housing ideas

    It would be neat if you can see all the anouncements and may be how are you going with Freetem, Saipark, Fishing. Just press F on your PC/TV and you can see whats in the saipark without the need of going to the saipark. Same for the other ingame anouncements. Edit Also "Buy" in future...
  25. ARTRA

    Low % temtem with radar.

    I see a problem with low % of spawn temtem, the thing is, in my case with Tuwai, you need to spend arround 20 hours for 400 tuwais. The problem its not to spend 20 hours, the problem its that you ared forced to be AFK 19 of those 20 hours waiting for tuwais. What i propose. - Allow at least...