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Search results for query: press

  1. H

    Fixed [0.6.19] After press any key the game keep stuck on connecting to server...

    [0.6.19] After press any key the game keep stuck on connecting to server...
  2. Vossie

    Airship flights should be cancelled if I press Esc

  3. ShadoKitty

    Open [0.6.18]Controller only works during "Press Any Key" screen.

    ...stopped working almost completely. It's a third party nintendo gamecube controller with a USB port. The a/b/x/y buttons all work fine on the "press any key" screen, but it breaks before and after that. All other programs react to my controller normally. trainer ID is1370432 Computer specs...
  4. TemTalk

    TemTalk Kisiwa Patch Notes hot off the press!

    Check out TemTalks review of the Kisiwa patch notes!
  5. T

    Declined Press Z to cancel evolution instead of hold Z

    ...on reddit. The current hold Z function isn't user friendly and doesn't work properly in all cases. I propose to change it to a simple button press, to make it far easier to cancel evolution, certainly by spamming the button. There's no harm in this change since evolution can be continued...
  6. D

    [Suggestion] Controller support for the Title Screen (Where it says "Press Any Key")

    I have been using a controller to play temtem and every single time I open the game, I have to put my controller down and use either my mouse or keyboard to get past this here screen: Now, I'm sure this isn't a problem to some people, but it does cause some inconsistency in the experience...
  7. K

    Stuck on "Press Any Key" screen

    Stuck on the title screen with "Press Any Key" again. Time-out and reconnecting didn't work.
  8. WildTomato

    "Press any Key" achievement.

    Every game has his problems, but we need to take the best of it. First of all I don't mean to offend anyone. I believe we should have a "Press any Key" achievement to remember that we had this issue and we got over it. It was early access and we are here to help the game grow and be the best...
  9. Upyron

    Stuck issue: inside 3th Dojo Outside battle & Screen Stuck (press any key stuck screen)

    Can be possible to unstuck my character ? as well I can't log in in meantime, game server wont allowed me.... help. PS for any question about my character name, write me please, DM I will help you!
  10. R

    Unable to pass "Press Any Key" Screen

    Hello Hello! Just started the game and it was playing fine. Had to restart my computer and as the title says I can't get passed this one screen anymore. Sorry if this thread was created, I didn't see it when I had searched. Is there a fix to this or will I just have to wait?
  11. Brune

    Stuck on "press any key" screen

    ...a while of not loading information about the player, i went ahead and closed the game thinking it was some server issue. Now, i can't get past the "Press any key" screen, no matter what i press. I've also tried using a controller, and still it didn't work. Is there anything i can do? Thanks!
  12. MNchino

    Done Press ESC to exit player menu

    You can open the menu with TAB. You also close it with TAB. Every other menu in the game, you can press ESC to close it, except for this one.