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  1. Canvas

    I think it would be nice to have an option to confirm if you really want to run from a Temtem during a radar.

    That's somewhat easily abuse-able. On that suggestion,i'd purposefully fail over and over again till i hit 200 encounters and have the increased luma chances. (Do note i have given up on scamdars after doing 14 in a row with no luma) What could be done instead,is reduce your maximum...
  2. Canvas

    OT Freetem

    I actually love this. The whole post is concise,well written and based. Crema,please understand that engagement is not the same thing as unnecessary mindless grinding.
  3. Canvas

    Patch 0.7.2, how do you feel about it ?

    The no more Freetem buying from other players is greatly discouraging me,honestly. I don't enjoy catch&release so i bought and released instead for the weeks i bothered doing so. Most balance changes find me agreeing,but the biggest thing for me is being able to disable the wild battle flash...
  4. Canvas

    Got an innki radar, but....

    Just here to drop a truth bomb in the sense of the SOLE content in temtem requiring you to interact with another player being Lairs, i would call it an online service RPG with multiplayer optional content. NOT a MMO.
  5. Canvas

    Please disable the run function during radars

    Just "lost" a radar cause i was waiting for spawns whilst working on my 1st screen after giving orders to attack,then noticed my tems weren't attacking. 2nd tem didn;t receive the input,so i quickly turned my cursor to the second screen and clicked once so that Temtem client would receive...
  6. Canvas

    Not enough info Game refuses to launch properly (Steam)

    Ever since the Cipanku update, apart from the already mentioned higher hunger the game's shown for pc usage,as highlighted from other users,i have to report something different. I launch Steam and temtem on Screen 1. Whilst I'm on the loading phase, if i take any action on Screen 2, the game...
  7. Canvas

    Brief Mid-Endgame Ideas (Lairs + Rematches)

    I would really enjoy being able to rebattle dojo leaders even without a reward after the 1st victory.
  8. Canvas

    [Minigame] A UNO-like minigame using Temtem typing to help newbies get familiar with the typings

    Hardest difficulty: Iridescent Koish subtypes. Hell mode for the colourblind :devilish:
  9. Canvas

    Add a Deceit Aura Counter to the Battle Log

    I believe it's necessary to add a text on the battle log next to(or below,doesn't matter) "Turn 3" to showcase,that on Turn 3 , Deceit Aura was active.
  10. Canvas

    I just got a Mimit radar. Completing it will be the equivalent of a full-time job

    It's up to the player to choose how to play , but Crema needs to understand how to respect players and the time they are willing to allocate. Judging the possible earnings over actual gameplay and possible enjoyment will cost you,and already has, many a players. Radars need a rework and not a...
  11. Canvas

    Lets talk luma Tyranak...

    There is no reason to bring your A-game if you start the lair run with Pocus + Goolder and the 1st tamer has Grumvel,Tuvine and Momo. RNG still dictates everything.
  12. Canvas

    The attractivity of lairs

    Money sinks currently: -Housing -Clothing -Saipark -Breeding (if you go yolo) -Teleports -Lairs Did i miss any? Edit: I would also like to add these money sinks affect the average player much more harshly than the established wealthier players.
  13. Canvas

    The attractivity of lairs

    You spend 2.5k with hopes to get ANY reward, where you're dependant on the RNG and skills of four other people. I've lost about 20k (8 runs) just on 17/18 jewels. The fact you get nothing for an unfinished run, or cant even initiate the final battle with a handicap for using less jewels is just...
  14. Canvas

    [Game] Corrupt a Wish!

    Granted , but you got hired into the accounting department of a woodworking company. I wish I didn't have tinnitus.
  15. Canvas

    Addition of timestamps in chat

    Title's pretty self explanatory. Example: [21:00] Temtemdude: Hey,the new feature with times is cool ! Hope chat doesn't dissapear anymore!
  16. Canvas

    Stamina changes: how do you feel about it?

    Every person who used a Cernleaf is shedding a tear. Yet noone says anything.
  17. Canvas

    Colorblind koish fishing

    I am not colourblind and still have troubles identifying their colours as the board ones arent shown correctly on my client for some reason (win7). Really hope this post gets a better treatment that the other 10 we did, as well as the flashing lights begging posts. Edit: Light sensitive people...
  18. Canvas

    Mythics in PvP – Implementation

    I like part of this idea, we could get a Tyranak telomere with every subsequent lair clear after the first weekly, a consumable that raises all tyranak SV's by 1. So in half a year's investment, you'll have a perfect one.
  19. Canvas

    Crocodile Temtem And Other Temtem ideas

    All these rare and fantastic animals and we still dont have a cat.
  20. Canvas

    Duplicated Oree radar bug ( Purely Visual,not for the faint of heart )

    If i let a radar-found Oree attack and change it's subtype with it's trait [Attack <T>] , the next overworld Oree sprite is going to look like this. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/832348688281239612/833793802593894440/unknown.png...
  21. Canvas

    Done Bright flash on wild Temtem encounter causes eye strain

    I would also love such an addition, but let's not forget a few moves,too. The biggest offender is Drill Impact in my case, as i have to cover my eyes if i see the move used. It's that painful. Edit: working for 9+ hours in front of a pc doesn't help.
  22. Canvas

    Saipark Teleport Spot should be at the entrance

    First time i agree with Silber since launch, this is extremely necessary as it'll help avoid future mishaps.
  23. Canvas

    Petition for added teleporting locations

    That's precisely what i have in mind. I tried my hardest not to word it improperly but still went overboard from my initial sentiment.