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  1. Devinup

    Suggestion: Separate moves/items state saved for ranked team vs outside of ranked

    It would be nice if after you've set up a squad for competitive battles the game remembered the items and move sets for each temtem in that squad. Then if you used those same temtem for pve, farming, etc. and changed their moves or items, when you queue up for competitive, it would use those...
  2. Devinup

    Devin's Trade Shop - Currently Selling Perfect Fomus

    I have some perfect fomus up for sale or potential trade offers. All of them are 7/7 50 SVs with Sharp Rain and Ice Shuriken egg moves. There are three versions: Hydrologist Trait - 29k Amphibian Trait - 19k Egg with unknown trait (you can name it) - 25k I'll likely update this topic in the...
  3. Devinup

    Housing items should be dye-able as well

    This might already be planned, or maybe it's too late to change it at this point, but it would be cool if the player housing items have dye slots like the player clothing/customization options. That would allow players to further customize their homes and would also increase the demand for dyes...
  4. Devinup

    Contacts or eye color change

    Are there any plans to be able to customize or change your eye color after the initial character creation? It would be nice to be able to change the eyes to match different cosmetics/outfits/dyes as your tamer evolves over time. Eye color seems the most important to me, but maybe there could...
  5. Devinup

    Done Button prompts for Playstation controller

    I don't know how difficult it would be to implement, but I've seen other PC games that detect whether you are using an XBox or Playstation controller and the game displays the proper button icons for that controller. Temtem currently uses the XBox buttons regardless of which controller you are...
  6. Devinup

    Dev's Trading Emporium (Perfect Pigepigc, Luma Ukama, etc.)

    Updating this topic after some trades. Different temtem available now. I'd prefer to trade them for similar SV temtem of other species. Pigepic 1: Pigepic 2: Nessla E1: Nessla H1: And now the luma (sorry about the weird image quality... also it has 3 fertility now): If you're...