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    Not enough info [0.7.6] Crystal deluge on mudrid will, at seemingly randomly, not put the tem to sleep

    Played a couple comp matches today and I had 2 instances where crystal deluge (with the synergy obviously) didn't put the rival tem to sleep. Once was against a Volarend (comp match) and the other was against a mushook (friend comp match). Me and a clubmate went into a casual battle to try and...
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    The new club, Chubee Simps, is recruiting active Temtem players!

    Hello everyone! The brand new club, Chubee Simps, is looking for members! My name is Parz ace. I'm a very active competitive Temtem player that just started a brand new club. I'm looking to create a fun community for active Temtem players to: -raid -discuss competitive play -breed -and so...
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    Not a bug battling and winning against/catching a Tem in coop resets a radar instead of destroying it

    Just found this bug while playing with a friend after starting a radar. Battled a wild tem in coop and it gave me the text that I broke my radar. I then left coop and the radar was not broken and reset to 0 and still worked. This could be pretty abusable if it resets the specific encounters so...
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    Duplicated Black screen after competitive matches

    I've been playing a couple competitive matches and farming osukai at the shrine while doing so. I found that if you are in the middle of a wild tem encounter and a ranked match gets found, after you complete the ranked match you get a black screen and have to restart the game to fix it. Been...