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  1. Rigaudon

    How Zenoreth could have a separate niche when compared to Valash

    Had this discussion in the #competitive discord chat and I want to write it down before I forget it. Disclaimer that I don't think Zenoreth is weak, but I do think that Zenoreth has an issue with role overlap (valash/tort/zeno, and Zeno normally loses out). Currently, Zeno is the last pick...
  2. Rigaudon

    Compendium of Temtem PVP Resources

    I will add and remove resources as they are created or become outdated. Let me know if I missed anything that is currently up-to-date. How to get money/resources so you can get into PVP after the story ends: Here is a list of what you can do when you beat the story, including some "get into...
  3. Rigaudon

    Assigned [0.7.6] Closing Tutorial Popups When Unequipping Items Causes Guaranteed Freeze

    Hopefully the attached logs are correct...this is happening on my character named "rererere" who exists on the Discord version. I have not tried to recreate this with "Rig" from the Steam version. I have both Discord and Steam versions so oh boy. Here's freeze 1 with a Tuvine (unequip item)...
  4. Rigaudon

    Why weren't Telohack/hotfix Boxes removed from the overworld in the first place?

    If the issue with the Original Telohacks were that people were resetting accounts for them to obtain more than intended, why didn't Crema just gut that to begin with? We'd still have the old (somewhat now fixed) issue of Mythicals being tied to Luma values, so the split was necessary. But we...
  5. Rigaudon

    Consider removing a weakness from Mental types (PVP)

    I know this seems extreme, but I've been sitting on this for a while. It's been brought up a few times in comp chat and PVP social circles. If nothing else, let my rational magnify why Mentals are so hard to fit onto teams. Yes, I am aware that I'm proposing something huge that will require a...
  6. Rigaudon

    Assigned [0.7.0] Sasaya's goggles are a little too transparent

    This is both hilarious and petty. It hurts nothing and affects nobody. ...But you can see the world behind her goggles in any cutscene. =D https://prnt.sc/11cmyvm
  7. Rigaudon

    Imperfect Lumas, OTs, and the PVE/wealth cliff that OT-only telohacks create.

    Currently the most "endgame" accomplishment or asset you can obtain is a Perfect, competitively viable Luma with the right trait and egg moves. It is incredibly hard to get there...which as a concept, I am fine with. Having long term goals is good. But the HOW to get there is a little obscene...
  8. Rigaudon

    Turn 30 Stall is literally hurting Tournaments / inner community relations / some stall players themselves

    We had a quick conversation that was passionate but mostly civil in the PDX chat. Stall wrecks tournament host's ability to reasonable reign in the amount of time Swiss Rounds/etc take. Other people will finish their games up and then sit there for a good while, waiting for any stall teams to...
  9. Rigaudon

    How to fix Radars, Luma hunting, and Freetem for both PVPers and PVErs using mostly existing features.

    A) Players can only have [x] radars on their person at a time, but the radars don't expire. Radars still aren't tradeable, but only because they are now somewhat farmable. B) If you go above the radar limit, you must choose to toss one out. C) The fishing quest also gives an assortment of...
  10. Rigaudon

    Dojo Master Rematch Guide with Premade Example Team, TV Spreads and all.

    Want to luma hunt but struggling to get through the dojo masters? This one's for you. This team, and some of the options I present in this guide, should help people who don't know much about competitive battling. Because the dojo masters have dynamic teams and behaviors, I can't give an exact...
  11. Rigaudon

    When adjusting game settings, don't immediately apply them. Have a "preview" button and then adjust.

    I'm sitting here for 5 minutes trying to turn my settings to low so I can AFK radar. It is taking so long for me to adjust settings that I am consistently losing connection/having to reconnect. To make matters worse, the menu options loop, so I could be trying to go to lowest settings just for...
  12. Rigaudon

    Cerneaf shouldn't have Bush.

    Right now Cerneaf is a force to be reckoned with. Thanks to bush, sweatband, and highly viable synergy partners, it can get started somewhat easily. Are there fairly straightforward way to deal with it? yes. But are any of those methods able to keep the game tempo "tolerable" as soon as Cerneaf...
  13. Rigaudon

    PVP Tournament Barrier to entry numbers using freetem

    Followup to a conversation I was having with random people the other day about what the freetem changes actually mean. Most people don't know exactly where to freetem farm, or don't concentrate fully on freetem farming, so we're going to assume slightly less than optional numbers. So let's say...
  14. Rigaudon

    PVP Introductions Guide for Each Temtem, Catered for PVP Beginners and group reviewed by experienced PVPers.

    Click here for the google docs guide. This guide gives a quick and dirty summary of how each Tem functions in PVP and what roles they can fill. Aside from the things marked as "very challenging to fit onto a team", which was given to F tiers or things facing strict competition (and losing...
  15. Rigaudon

    Saipark Change Recommendation

    I've meditated on this a bit after my last thread, which detailed the various ways in Saipark doesn't feel like it is healthy. Be it for casual hunters, more dedicated hunters, PVPers, whatever, Saipark introduces (imo) unhealthy elements to an otherwise reasonably healthy environment. I think...
  16. Rigaudon

    Every three weeks, saipark manages to irritate every portion of the playerbase.

    I am mostly speaking as a very dedicated, hardcore player. I have 700 hours in this game. I have also been sitting on this opinion for a very long time, ever since Saipark came out. Literal months I have stewed on this, watching, taking notes of the market, watching people's reactions to every...
  17. Rigaudon

    I'd like more options for people who prefer to "support" others in clubs.

    Edit for tl;dr/clarity: I want alternate gameplay options for players, specifically guilds, that allow us to be more supportive of others or at least take a break from current gameplay loops/PVP. These activities would be beneficial to the group but not more optimal than playing alone or...
  18. Rigaudon

    Crema why won't you let me do this. This is clearly inferior.

    Like this is actually a pointless limitation lmao My team is supposed to be named Estuans, Interius, Ira, Vehementi, ZEPHYROTH crema why also people want more than 10 characters to work with
  19. Rigaudon

    There's no denying Hypnosis is incredibly strong right now.

    At the same time, I like the option that it, as a move, offers to more niche tems. It's oppressive in the hands of Kinu and Pig. However, Nox and Granpah don't become automatic nightmares with it. I'd like to open a possibility for a "balance by distribution" with this move. We already see it...