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    Open [1.2.1] Every time I fight One Eyed Matthew, I get some UI stuff stuck into the battle

    This happens on Xbox Series X. It happened during the dojo fight and the fight on the airship so far. It looks like it's the little intro background and nameplate getting stuck into the battle after not appearing before the fight proper.Dojo Airship
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    Spelling mistakes and typos [English]

    After you describe Omninesia to her and she's thanking you, she says Omni again here instead of saying Tucma/Cipanku (since Tucma is a crash landing idk if she expects you to go there or Cipanku but it's definitely not the island you just left.)
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    Spelling mistakes and typos [English]

    says beter instead of better
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    Spelling mistakes and typos [English]

    Should be a capital I before "was catapulted"
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    Duplicated Game freeze when capturing Temtem in coop

    It happens on PC too. My friend's game has locked up or hung after every capture.