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Assigned [0.7.6] Closing Tutorial Popups When Unequipping Items Causes Guaranteed Freeze

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Feb 7, 2020
Hopefully the attached logs are correct...this is happening on my character named "rererere" who exists on the Discord version. I have not tried to recreate this with "Rig" from the Steam version. I have both Discord and Steam versions so oh boy.

Here's freeze 1 with a Tuvine (unequip item)

Here's freeze 2 with a Nidrasil (change item)

Happens on my "lategame" account. I reinstalled the game on a new machine, which meant the tutorial is enabled by default even though I've done basically everything.
If I open the PC box and try to unequip a gear, a popup from the tutorial will try to explain something to me. When I try to close this window, it seems to just absolutely break the detailed temtem status menu by sort of freezing it. It is not a complete freeze or crash because I can see people running around in the background doing things and can get other notification boxes to pop up while frozen lol. It does not matter which item or which tem I am interacting with. It doesn't matter if I am "changing" an item to replace it with another item. It all freezes.

This has happened on my other computers as well. It may have been around for a month+, I encountered it July 31st but couldn't be bothered to report it. :0)

(This message doesn't have time to pop up when recreating the bug, but this is the specific notification that appears)

(This is the frozen status screen, the Tuvine is no longer moving/animated.)

Also I can try to battle myself/trade myself, which will send a notification. The notification box will still pop up over the frozen status menu.

But if I close that notification I just go right back to the frozen status menu lol.
When I restart the game, the item will be unequipped/changed. But if I try to equip something again, the bug will repeat. This bug is fixed by disabling the tutorial message popups.
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