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Open [1.2.1] Frozen animation on following Temtem after exiting Temporium


Jan 27, 2023
1. What were you doing when the bug happened?

To preface, I rode my side-quest given Minox mount to the Uhuru Temporium to heal my Squad and then manage my Squad and Temdeck.
As soon as I exited the doors from the Temporium I noticed my Tukai being frozen or stuck in is "walking along tamer" animation.

2. What did happen exactly?

My aforementioned Tukai exited the Temporium with me stuck in what I believe to be the first frame of animation (more specifically, it's wings' tips almost touching each other, ready to come down for a flap). The Tukai was still following me like normal, only it's so called "walking" animation being affected.

3. Does it happen every time?

I did find it funny at first and thought it would go away when I'd enter a building, change island or change to another Squad member. However, none of those seemed to clear the visual bug. The only way it fixed my Tukai (somewhat) was to switch back to my mount Minox and then back again. Unfortunately, however, every 1 out of 2 times, my Tukai will switch from Normal animation to Frozen Animation and vice-versa. I was basically switching between the 2 states. My mount has been the only thing that affected this as far as I tested.

4. Does it happens even after restarting the game?

Not as far as I have seen. I avoided restarting the game like the plague since I read in the sticky mention getting the logs first while researching how to report this to you.
However, upon first booting game the Tukai was back to normal. After testing with the mount a bit more, the issue did not arise again.



Player.log > Player.log - Pastebin.com
Player-prev.log > Player-prev.log - Pastebin.com

VIDEOS (just ignore the audio)
Right after it happened >
After going to Quetzal from Uhuru with the Matter Teleporter >

I doubt it would be necessary for this type of bug but on Temtem I am Implozia also.
After I left the Temporium in Uhuru I can't recall clearly how or why did I achieve this visual bug. All I know is that ever since the god-sent Minox was given to me, I have been using it literally everywhere and frequently entered Temporiums riding it. It was a surprise when Tukai froze, hence why I have a recording of the visual bug right after it happened heh. All I remember is I stayed at that Temporium forever because I was intensely researching on my phone looking at my Temdeck menu the whole time trying to figure out breeding and who to level at Dabmi's Rest. Had some shuffle in the Squad slots, but nothing out of the ordinary.
After the problem persisted through going in a building (I re-entered the Temporium, no dice), Matter Teleporting to Quetzal (also no dice), Squad member switching (switched to my Barnshe that was second in slot and she was animated normally, but Tukai remained frozen) and mount turning the animation on and off (like described earlier), this is when I considered wanting to let you guys know.
I know this is just a funny visual bug so no pressure or urgency and I know you guys are working hard and are fresh after a new patch. You guys are doing great already and the 1.2.1 Patch Notes was the best I've ever read! Hope you have a wonderful day!