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Open [1.2.1] Tem tem level reset between playing sessions


Jan 22, 2023
I logged off earlier today after playing with my girlfriend in co-op, where a Gharunder I recently acquired was level 40 on logging off (Very certain of this, distinctly remember it receiving the option to learn toxic fang. It has however reverted to level 17 upon logging in again. How is this possible? Is there any way to alleviate this?

This happened in the Properton sewers, if it's relevant, the Gharunder was bought off the auction house earlier that day and had been leveling through exp gained in Co-op

Update: I've played a bit more since then, so if it isn't possible to simply add the exp that I would have gained from level 1 - 40 then that's fine by me, though I hope this kind of bug does not occur again in the future, it'd be disheartening if this caused the actual loss of a tem tem or similair
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Feb 13, 2023
I'm bumping this because I want to confirm this happening to myself as well.

It seems some way related to Co-op, as the Temtem being affected by both me and my girlfriend are on the backrow, while the frontrow seems fine. This specific case I 100% noticed, I was leveling my Thaiko in the earth shrine. Last night, I got it leveled enough to have it evolve into a Monkko, but logging in today to work on our grind a bit more, I noticed it was a Thaiko again, and lost at least 10 levels in the process.

Same situation seems to have occured with the other 2 in my back, but not anyone in my front, as the Maoala I am also leveling seemed to stay at the level he was.

I even have Tempedia data of the Monkko, as if I have had one already, despite my Thaiko reverting back, so the only thing seeming to reset is skill/experience changes. (Image is to show I can see stats and such, and that my Thaiko is still not evolved).


It doesn't happen every time, and I don't know the specific cause, outside of potentially being connected to Co-op. Would appreciate it being looked into, or if someone else might know a way to avoid it occuring in the future.