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Open [1.2.1] Tireless softlock loop


Feb 22, 2020
I was playing Digilair last night and I found a softlock with the trait Tireless. I managed to replicated it pretty easy.

What happened was:
  1. Enemy Gorong and Oceara;
  2. My team Mudrid and Platimous;
  3. Platimous was my last tem alive;
  4. I use a revive on mudrid;
  5. My platimous gets killed (no matter by who);
  6. Gorong attacks and Ox;
  7. My Mudrid returns to the field;
  8. Tireless notification pops on the right side of the screen, but the +2 attack effect does not shows up on Gorong;
  9. UI is empty, next turn never starts, game is softlocked;
  10. Restart game, everything is back to normal;
  11. This time I revive Platimous. Go back to step 5.
So everytime I revived a tem I had to restart the game to make my next turn.