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Duplicated [1.2.2] A couple of bugs.

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Feb 7, 2023
Hi there,
I played about 70 hours before official launch, and had no issues. Now that the game is officially launched my wife and I reset our save and started again!
Unfortunately we are running into more bugs now than we ever did in the past, and we are only 4 hours in.
She is unable to claim her completed Kudos, battles will get stuck at the end and the only fix has been quitting the game which then makes us refight the battle, and some of our tems are displaying their required exp to level up as -xxx (eg -234), meaning they should have levelled up already but are refusing.
Also I seem to be unable to fail a catch, where as my wife fails about 90% of her catch attempts, despite us trying to catch the same species of tem, and the same level, and damaged to roughly the same amount.
We are a bit distressed that the game seems to be more glitchy now than it was in beta, and hope that these issues can be resolved fairly swiftly.

Not open for further replies.