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Achievements/Trophies Ideas

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Oct 27, 2020
I like the idea of challenging dojo achievements with a possible breeding niche

"They all start somewhere" - Defeat all dojo leaders using only first evolution Temtem
"They grow up so quickly" - Defeat all dojo leaders using only secondary evolution Temtem
"Who said SVs are important?" - Defeat all dojo leaders while none of your Temtem have any SV value higher than 1
"Water shrine master" - Defeat all dojo leaders using only water type Temtem (repeat for all types)
"Have you seen my lumas yet?"
- Defeat all dojo leaders using only lumas
"They're like a family!" - Defeat all dojo leaders while having all three stages of a three stage evolution species on your team
"To train them is my cause!" - Defeat all dojo leaders while only using Temtem with your OT
"Dojo world tour" - Defeat all dojo leaders the same week
"I can't make up my mind!" - Defeat every dojo leader with a different team (no repeating species) within the same week
"Prideful nature" - Have one of your Temtem knockout all of the opponent's Temtem in a dojo rematch
"Oops, rookie mistake" - Order one of your Temtem to attack its ally and still win a dojo rematch
"Tireless" - Have one of your Temtem knockout an opponent's Temtem in 3 consecutive turns without overexterting in a dojo rematch
"I'm the master now" - Complete all dojo rematch achievements (reward: title)

General achievements

"Looking good!" - Collect x amount of clothing items
"It's starting to get cozy" - Collect x amount of furniture items
"Special bond" - Nickname a Temtem
"We're a team!" - Get x amount of takedowns with one Temtem
"You took my breed away" - Accept a perfect egg from the breeding center desk
"I'm in a hurry!" - Instantly hatch an egg using an incubator ticket
"Not my type" - Knockout an enemy temtem with a super ineffective move

Maybe some (future) co-op achievements?

"We're in it toghether" - Complete a radar in co-op mode
"Couldn't have done it without you" - Defeat a Battle Tower leader in co-op mode


Nov 22, 2018
"Pigepic Bridge" - Ran over the bridge on route 2 with a Pigepic out
"Belsotos eat poop" - Beat General X in Kisiwa (spoiler)
"Legendary Tamer" - Catch a Mythical Temtem
"Amateur Angler" - Turn in a 4/5 Koish
"Quid Pro Koish" - Turn in a 5/5 Koish
"Archtamer" - Beat Temtem in Hard mode
"Experiment gone wrong" - Saved Anahir


Feb 25, 2020
There's already a discussion here about pvp achievements, which I had been talking to a friend about before now without really concluding my thought process on. I think pvpers should have good achievements to go for like everyone else, but something about the nature of pvp makes those achievements feel different. If we're already comparing to WoW achievements, when I played I got the vast majority of them, with a massive hole in the pvp achievement section because the gameplay required for them was so radically separate from everything else. Part of it may be that things like 'reach x tmr' or 'finish in the top 1% of players in a season' are moving goalposts. If there's an achievement for winning a dojo rebattle, that requires skill, but it's a clearly defined amount of skill. Achievements in pvp run into the issue that how hard they are is entirely relative to the quantity and quality of other players. I don't really have a clean ending to this, but I think that achievements/rewards for doing well in pvp require a different level of caution than other areas of the game (I have similar thoughts about the possibility of exclusive rewards for pvp seasons, but that's off-topic).


Feb 7, 2021
Am I seeing things? - In a single encounter, encounter 2 koish with the same fin color and ordering
Apprentice Angler - Catch a 4/5 Koish
Master Angler- Catch a 5/5 Koish
Migration Season - Claim the prize with a 4/5 or 5/5 Koish not caught in the Nuru Lodge


Mar 8, 2021
1 for each island completed

1 for completing all side quests

1 for finding all hidden items scattered around the archipelago

Maybe a couple of Ranked achievements like win your first game, win 10 games and win 100 games

Make your first delivery, do a delivery every day of a week

Turn in your first 5/5 koish

Defeat all dojo rematches in 1 week

Complete all 3 radars in 1 week

Catch your first luma

I have no idea on future content that is planned but I hear about a battle tower type thing so maybe Complete the battle tower or get to floor 50 or something depending how it works?

No idea if you intend to add dungeon/raid type content to the game (I'd love to raid the belsoto headquarters once a week with 6 players in 3 coop teams of 2 or something) if that is a possible thing that could happen in the future a trophy for completing whatever dungeons/raids are available for the first time

Obtain all 3 starters on 1 account

Complete the game on nuzlocke mode

Cap out your freetem in 1 week

Sell your first tem/item in the auction house

Enter your first tournament

Win your first tournament

Capture your 1st 5% tem

Complete the tempedia

You could have a base version of these requiring 1 time completing to pop the trophies/steam achievements and then in game have a system for multiple teirs which reward you with in game cosmetics, titles, emotes, hacks or anything really would make trophy hunters happy for their platinum and would make hard-core players happy to have a grind to complete

Sorry for rambling and making stuff up that may not even exist in the future but was trying to future proof it a little bit and trying to find a way to make casual players and hard-core players happy at the same time which will never happen ?


Nov 23, 2018
"I can't stop now": Play temtem for 10h
"Sleep is for the weak": Play temtem for 15+ hours straight
"Consistency is the key": Make the same move 5 times in a row
"Daily routine": Log in every single day in a week
"I might've misunderstood this": Breed a temtem with every SV set to 1
"I released them last week, i swear": Forget to collect your freetem reward after reaching the neccessary amount of releases
"Weakening is optional": Waste 10 temcards on a single temtem, without catching it
"Went as expected": Catch a temtem without damaging it with the first (normal) temcard
"Close call": Survive an attack with 1HP
"Never skip leg day": Run 10000 meters in 1 day
"Was not me, i swear": Let a wild tem kill itself from exhaustion
"Not my job": Have over 10 open side quests
"I made this": Breed/Hatch a temtem (and maybe increase to max level)
"Flight assistent": Use the airship x times
"Waiting for better weather": Get the AFK symbol (maybe multiple times)
"...and my last wish is.. to have 98 more wishes" - throw 100 wishing coins in a single well
"The famous one": Have a full friendlist
"Let's dance": Dance in a group of 5 people
"Professional dancing club": Dance perfectly synchronized with another person
"I demand the manager": Catch a kuri, name it "Karen" and evolve it

Just hidden fun achievements:
Saipark: leave the cave, press 50 times A, then go back 33 meters, spin clockwise 4 times, go to the cave, evolve a swali and leave the cave again
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Jan 24, 2020
Hey tamers,

Similar to the Trading House feedback thread (Trading House - Feedback, hopes, fears and ideas), we're getting close to the moment of closing and implementing the achievements/trophies in Tetmem.

We already have some ideas we've been gathering from the team and from casual conversations on our Discord. But I wanted to make a last call of action in case anyone else wants to participate and give out their ideas.

If you feel brave enough you can throw ideas for specific achievements, including its name ("Feeling Lucky: Drop a WishYouWell Coin in each well."), but you can also give general ideas without going into that much detail if you prefer to.
I really love hunting trophies in PS4 games, I think it is something that greatly increases the replay factor of a game, I am happy that Temtem will implement this too, I can't wait to platinum it when/if I have a PS5 in the future.

My ideas :
Story Quest Trophies ( It's quite normal for games to have silly achievements based on the progress of the story, I think it would be nice to have that too)

Trophies for visiting new islands/areas of the game ( Same for the first one )

View or register 30-50-100-All Temtems on Tempedia ( It is nice to have an achievement for each given number, most games do this, it is interesting for your friends to see what your progress is in the achievements )

Breed your first Temtem, Breed 50/100 Temtem ( Why not celebrate the breed of your first Temtem too?, Now you can go try to breed 50 to 100 Temtems too to get the rest of the achievements )

Capture your first Luma ( I think it is very important to have an achievement for your first Luma, but I don’t think there should be one for EVERYONE, being honest I hate doing Luma Hunting... I love platinum, but having an achievement where I would have to have all Temtem in their lumas forms would be disappointing to me. )

Win your first competitive battle/Win 10 competitive battles

Complete 10-20-30-50-All Side-Quests
( I don't know what Temtem's side-quest forms will be like, if there are going to be several new ones in the course of new updates then the achievement of doing all shouldn't be included, but I think doing 10 to 30 side-quests could very well conquest. )

Buy your first furniture for your home/buy 10 furniture for your home

Buy your first outfit / Buy 10 outfits

Capture a rare Temtem

Get a Koish of all types possible

Win a Dojo re-match/Win all dojo re-matches

My English isn't very good, so I didn't suggest names for the trophies, but these are the trophies that I would love to see in the game.



Feb 17, 2020
"Investigator": find 50 hidden items / loot!
"The Good Doctor": heal up a temtem to max hp with an item other than the vial!
"Can't Touch This": survive a fight (pvp or pve) against a tamer without losing any hp!


Mar 8, 2021
Fashionista: Purchase 10 unique clothing items

Where are you?: Break a Temtem radar by completing all 400 tracked encounters

Making the rounds: Rematch all dojo masters shortly after the weekly reset (Within 48 hours)

Social Butterfly: Talk to X npcs (It may seem a little like one of those "Automatic" ones, but also I feel like the game has so much enjoyable yet optional dialogue that it fits)

Top-heavy: Train a Temtem to have 500 tvs in two stats

Task failed successfully: Defeat an opposing Temtem using only moves its type resists


Jan 23, 2020
To give a nod to the famous other game.

-Recycle 101: Checked 100 trashcans
(Or near the total amount of trashbins in city houses)
- Stealing baby's toys: When you lose your crystal skates.

- Fishing pleb: Fail fishing for x times
I am all for little joke achievements that come naturally by playing.

we def need an achievement for defeating general X
While in theory really cool, its so far into the story that completionists would find it horror to fail and have to start all over bc you get one chance per story.

I rather they give a tradable (or untradable) furniture medal or something. Cosmetics and clothing should not be tied to achievements.


Apr 22, 2020
The Lion King - Trigger your Raican's Prideful six times in one battle.
I'm Gonna Sing the Doom Song Now - With the Doom status, KO an Oree.
Crystal Badger Don't Give a Shit - Trigger your Valash's Scavenger six times in one battle.
Just Follow Your Nose! - Feed a Tuwai (or evolution) one of every TV-altering fruit.
Kinu Hear Me Now? - KO a Kinu with Shrill Voice.
Peace Was Never an Option - With a Wind Temtem, afflict Seized on six different opposing Temtem in one match.
That's Ma'amneaf to You - Evolve a female Deendre
What are you up to? Noxolotl, hbu? - Defeat an opponent while KO'ing your own Noxolotl through overexertion.
Godzilla Won - KO a member of the Smazee evolutionary line with a Vulcrane.
Cowabunga it is. - KO a member of the Crystle evolutionary line with Tsunami.
God of Mischief - With Taifu, poison a member of every Temtem Type (except Toxic).


Aug 9, 2020
Would be nice if some achievements were divided up into "Bronze" "Silver" "Gold" versions, and once you reach gold you get an extra reward like a title or something. These could also be expanded on in the future with stuff like Platunim and Diamond versions.
Bronze: Own 40 Lumas with your own OT
Silver: 70 Lumas with your own OT (Silver)
Gold: 100 Lumas with your own OT (Gold) - Title reward: Luminescent

You can do the same thing with stuff like the Tempedia, ranked matches won, highest TMR, Temtems released etc.
Something that works really well in WoW and Genshin Impact (to name a few) are "hidden achievements". These are achievements you don't know exist until you (or someone online) gets them. These could be silly stuff like walking from end to end in Atoll Row (looking at you Liuk and Fuggh), just something that get people talking, and make the community go on wild goose hunts.

As for specific achievements, people above have covered the ones I would think of so I will refrain from double dipping.


Mar 8, 2021
HOUSE- Get your own house
FASHION WEEK- Buy clothes for the first time
FASHION FAN- Spend 100.000 suns on clothes
THE CHAMPION- Finish all of the NPC battles
I AM TIRED- Capture all temtem´s


Jan 5, 2021
I think it'd be fun if there were achievements for all of the 5% Tems, not a super necessary set of achievements but fun.

The Witch of Windward - Catch a Barnshe
Queen of the Sillaro - Catch an Oceara
Heart of the Banyan - Catch a Kinu
Purified Power - Catch a Shuine
Endangered no More! - Catch a Rhoulder
Monster of the Mountain - Catch a Yowlar

I didn't include Hocus because I have a feeling it may be more common once we have Arbury, it doesn't really follow the same trends of the other 5%'s. I'd think these should be unlocked exclusively through capturing them, not through being sold/traded one, and not through breeding as you could just buy a female with fertility and breed one easily, going to their individual spawn rooms is part of the experience and should be part of their achievements.
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Nov 22, 2018
Milestone achievements are always fun so I'll suggest those:

Hello little one - Achievement for getting your first starter.

Welcome to Temtem - First Max battle loss.

On the road to greatness - Catch your first Temtem.

Quest challenger - Complete your first quest.

Deniz Explorer - Explore every section of Deniz (What I mean by this one is when each section of the map is stepped into it morphs into existence on your map. This achievement would be up to 6 variations because each island would have a fully explored achievement).


Mar 8, 2021
Really love the idea of achievements, can't wait!
As for suggestions, there should be achievements for reaching milestones in the story. This would add some easier achievements:

That belongs in a museum - Reach Windward Fort
Heart of the Goddess - Reach the Anak Volcano
Gemtem - Arrive in Quetzal
I don't like sand - Reach the Tasa Desert
Elementary - Help Carlos investigate Clan Belsoto

Some other interesting ones might be:

Real estate mogul - Buy a house on Atoll Row
Adrenaline junkie - Rock hop [x] amount of times within [y] seconds
Happy Birthday! - Play the game on the anniversary of your Apprentice's Eve
Perfectionist - Have a team of perfect SV temtem
Glow up - Equip a new head, top, bottom, and bag customisation item
Repopulator - Breed temtem 20 times
Egg and spoon race - Have a battle team full of eggs

There should also be some achievements encouraging co-op play:

Double team - Beat every dojo while in a co-op party
Deadly duo - Win an online co-op match
Zero Paharo with two stones - Attempt to catch the same temtem as your co-op party member
Magnanimous - Encounter a luma and have your co-op party member catch it
Joint bank account - Trade 20 temtem with the same person

Also, just to ask, will achievements be given out retroactively? I recently caught my first luma, and it would be a bit of a pain to have to catch another for the achievement :)


Jan 29, 2020
Just a few ideas, more fun achievements than challenging ones:

Gotta climb 'em all - Climb every climbable surface in the game.

I just think they're neat - win a dojo rematch with only one type of tem

Pure skill (1-5) - Catch a level 10+/20+/30+/40+/50+ temtem on the first turn of a battle without damaging it or affecting it with status effects

Heals on me - Hit 3 electric synthesize tems with one use of chain lightning


Nov 23, 2018
"Temtem-up" win your first battle against another player

"Tactician" win 10 battles against other players

"Master" win 100 battles against other players

"Pansun-tsu" win 1000 battles against other players

"Momo pack" win any taimer battle with a full team of momo

"Radar get" earn your first radar

"Luma on scope" catch a luma in a radar chain

"Ping" earn 100 radars

"Full deck" completely fill your temdeck (if a way to expand it comes out just have this apply to the pre-expanded deck)

"Master of stealth" take 1000 steps in encounter locations without running into a tem

"Catch of a lifetime" while fishing encounter 2 lumas at the same time (I feel this is statistically imposible with current luma odds but it would definitely be something to show off in a steam profile)


Feb 22, 2020
I gotta say that I'm 100% against grindy or gimmicky pvp/ranked achievements. This will result in players using cheesy strategies or fast win/lose teams or even wintrading to farm these achievements and that will only damage the ranked experience for low ranked or new players venturing in pvp.

I say this for personal experience. I was there when something like this happened during vanilla Starcraft 2. The game only had ranked pvp as an option to grind the pvp achievements, and the pvp achievement were things like win 1000 games with a certain race in solo and in group (so a total of 4000 wins in solo and 4000 wins in group). Guess what happened? At a certain point, groups of players united to farm these achievements, flooding the bronze rank and win trading or cheesing their way in to quick farm them. I was there using super cheesy strategies for quick win/loss so I could stay in bronze and win games in less than 10 minutes. It took me a mouth, but I got the achievement that I wanted. Soon after, Blizzard issued a big ban wave against most of these players (not me, BTW, because I was playing legitimately).

Was it fun for me? No. It was super boring and I pretty much burned out from the game. Plus, I was feeling bad for those players that clearly wasn't good at the game or was just trying to have fun. Did it stop me? Of course not! I wanted that portrait.

Was it fun for my opponents? Well, judging by the messages that I was getting regularly during and post game , I will guess no.

Ranked should be optional and People already have their rank (and whatever cosmetic that will be tied to it) to prove how good they are at the game. There is no need for long achievements for ranked or pvp. Leave them to the pve side of the game, where your actions will not directly impact other players.

Therefore the pvp achievements should be things like:

  • Complete all your placements matches;
  • Get your first win in ranked;
  • Win 10 games in ranked.
Another thing I wanna mention are seasonal achievements. We already know the game will feature ranked seasons, but in case this concept expand beyond pvp, some season achievements might be a good idea.


Feb 2, 2021
I gotta say that I'm 100% against grindy or gimmicky pvp/ranked achievements. This will result in players using cheesy strategies or fast win/lose teams or even wintrading to farm these achievements and that will only damage the ranked experience for low ranked or new players venturing in pvp.

I say this for personal experience. I was there when something like this happened during vanilla Starcraft 2. The game only had ranked pvp as an option to grind the pvp achievements, and the pvp achievement were things like win 1000 games with a certain race in solo and in group (so a total of 4000 wins in solo and 4000 wins in group). Guess what happened? At a certain point, groups of players united to farm these achievements, flooding the bronze rank and win trading or cheesing their way in to quick farm them. I was there using super cheesy strategies for quick win/loss so I could stay in bronze and win games in less than 10 minutes. It took me a mouth, but I got the achievement that I wanted. Soon after, Blizzard issued a big ban wave against most of these players (not me, BTW, because I was playing legitimately).

Quickfarming strategies are an issue specific to "do [x] [y] times" achievements, which I strongly discourage anyways as they tend to be very boring and grindy. Not even to mention that the ladder already encourages quickfarm strategies to improve your pansuns per hour.

If achievements are well designed they should only be serving to encourage good gameplay for the most part. And if some people play a bit cheesy for some achievements then... so what? I really don't think this will be some massive widespread issue, and if they're playing worse to hunt some achievement they're only making the game easier for their opponent.

People coordinating to cheese achievements will always be a problem, but ranked is by far the least cheesable location for them since people can't select their own opponents. I think it's absurd to not design achievements for the core of gameplay because people might sometimes make suboptimal plays on ladder matches to try for an achievement. If Crema feels this is a big issue, then I'd sooner see them just make them available in PvE/Casual than not include battle achievements in their monster battler game. But I really don't think it's a big deal.


Jan 26, 2020
Rather than suggesting achievements themselves, I would like to talk a bit about some criteria that I feel should be considered as part of the achievement design

1. The impact of the achievements on gameplay. I think the back and forth between @TMTrainer and @soliloquy perfectly illustrates the potential for achievements to warp gameplay. Please consider abuse cases/griefing arising from achievement hunting, and ways in which achievement hunters could be griefed by others seeking to undermine them.

2. The requirements for pursuing an achievement. Here I am not talking about time per se, but rather the preparation necessary to even begin pursuing a given achievement. For stuff like PvP achievements it may be necessary to even train a squad capable of supporting what the player is attempting, which is both a financial and time burden on top of the actual effort to get the achievement. In situations where such efforts may be required only to get an achievement this raises the difficulty of getting said achievement dramatically

3. Please don't gate away achievements behind things dedicated players cannot reasonably achieve at all. Having a full luma tempedia is possible, but probably way way way way out of reach of an average joe to the point where it frankly just isn't possible for them. Being really good at PvP is possible for many, but being #1 is already recognized and doesn't need the extra e-peen of having an achievement many will simply be completely unable to reach.

4. Please don't layer forms of RNG. I think fishing clearly demonstrates how frustrating that can be. On top of an uncertain time-investment, the uncertain outcome leads to situations where people spending dozens of hours get rewards which simply do not match the time investment. Please avoid situations like this with achievements.

5. Establish a scale for effort/reward for achievements and establish upper limits of how much actual out-of-game time a worst case scenario for an achievement should take. Should someone who can only play an hour or two a day but wishes to get an achievement have to spend a month working for it? Maybe. A year? NO!!!

6. Don't introduce achievements for things that are likely to dramatically change or even be removed. Don't introduce achievements that inherently do not age well. It is demotivating to realize what took you a lot of effort now takes someone 5 minutes. Likewise, it sucks if what took people 5 minutes now suddenly takes a week to do. And being unable to achieve things as a new player is frustrating. One could argue established players have a certain right to have things they worked for in times when these were available and to stand out in that way. This isn't wrong. But at the same time it is demotivating, as a new player, to really like or want something and be willing to put in the work only to realize it is simply no longer there.

7. Be aware of disabilities. With this I don't mean making every achievement accessible to everyone no matter how low their skill (regardless of whether this is due to the effects of a disability or not). Instead consider how skill can be replaced with effort and time over a longer period to make up for it and perhaps introduce ways to bypass certain difficult skill checks with effort exercised over longer periods of time.

"In physics, power is the amount of energy transferred or converted per unit time. In the International System of Units, the unit of power is the watt, equal to one joule per second. In older works, power is sometimes called activity." ~ Wikipedia

Perhaps an achievement of a certain "power" can be done quicker with more "energy" expended, or over a longer time for those who have less "energy." I think that explains it well enough.

8. Be aware of how owning multiple accounts may warp achievements and how achievements may further motivate people to buy more accounts and/or increase the advantage of those who already have them. I wouldn't go as far as saying "don't award things done in co-op" because there is definitely potential for good co-op achievements and co-op is an element of Temtem that should definitely be utilized more. But I am 100% in favour of preventing multi-account-owners from benefiting EVEN MORE from their multiple accounts and designing around it when reasonable.


Aug 27, 2020
I was thinking that in game achievements could be divided into different subsections. Like basics, exploration, collector, competitive, luma hunting. Once you are done a subsection maybe there is a special reward for each, like maybe a piece of clothing from a set. Each of the subsection could be a part of that set or something. Maybe finishing pieces in subsections award you a title if necessary. I think some of the achievements mentioned are already posted so sorry for double posting.

Maybe a luma hunting subsection would look something like.

Luma Collector - 0/7

1. Lumafied- Catch a luma - 0/1 (Maybe have different tiers for the same series)

2. Pretty Scales - Fish up a luma - 0/1

3. The Full Saipark Experience - Catch a luma in saipark - 0/1

4. Full Odds Saipark - Catch a luma during SV week in saipark - 0/1

5. Luma Vendor - Sell a Luma through the auction house - 0/1

6. Luma Breeder - Hatch a Luma - 0/1

7. The Ultimate Flex - Win with a team full of lumas in a dojo rematch - 0/1

If there are rewards can display it next to the achievement. Also can consider what should be OT or not. I also think harder achievements like a living lumapedia should be in a completely separate category, like Archtamer, so that the main categories are more easily achievable. I am a fan of long completion achievements but, with box space requirements to have all lumas or the situation where not everyone is a hardcore fan of pvp so achievements like being in top 100 on the leaderboards might not be realistic for everyone.

Sorry if names are basic but a structure like this might be cool.


Mar 8, 2021
What I like most about collecting creatures games is the elemental type system. So I really want to see some achievements related to this!
Not like "Catch all Temtem of X type", but more simple ones, like you can complete just by playing.
"Catch a full team (6) of some type Temtem from different evolutionary lines" is the best way to go for me, and some ideas of names based on team types:

Black-Belt Fighter: Catch a full team (6) of Melee type Temtem from different evolutionary lines
Mind Apedt: Catch a full team (6) of Mental type Temtem from different evolutionary lines
Crystal Cutter: Catch a full team (6) of Crystal type Temtem from different evolutionary lines
Simple Person: Catch a full team (6) of Neutral type Temtem from different evolutionary lines
Blazing Heart: Catch a full team (6) of Fire type Temtem from different evolutionary lines
Tide Caller: Catch a full team (6) of Water type Temtem from different evolutionary lines
Tree Friend: Catch a full team (6) of Nature type Temtem from different evolutionary lines
Shocking Aura: Catch a full team (6) of Electric type Temtem from different evolutionary lines
Montain Sculptor: Catch a full team (6) of Earth type Temtem from different evolutionary lines
Toxin Handler: Catch a full team (6) of Toxic type Temtem from different evolutionary lines
Cloud Maker: Catch a full team (6) of Wind type Temtem from different evolutionary lines
Digital Influencer: Catch a full team (6) of Digital type Temtem from different evolutionary lines

You don't have to put all 6 Temtem in your team, just catch them. And if some types have less than 6 evolutionary lines, just change the achievement to catch all lines instead.
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