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Add a Deceit Aura Counter to the Battle Log


Apr 17, 2020
Hey everyone!

Pretty simple suggestion. DA is very difficult to keep track of now. On top of the fact that there seems to be bugs related to the counter, it's just very easy to lose your count.

If Mimit or another DA Naga come into the picture it only amplifies the problem.

Most things that happened in battle are displayed for us in the battle log so we don't have to remember. I don't have to keep track of my opponent's Chamomile, I don't have to remember if they're +4/+4 defenses because that one bullshit Temtem lived a single move, I don't have to remember that the Nidrasil has Energy Drink once it's revealed or that the Kalabyss has Coat or that that one bullshit Temtem has Grease.

You may argue "But you have to keep track of Holds!" but I don't find that as comparable, since I can't know for sure if that Skunch has Ninja Jutsu, or if that bullshit Temtem is carrying Sacrifice. Plus it'd be very cluttered to add hold counters for every single move as it's been revealed.

This seems a lot simpler and more straightforward.

I assumed this would be a common request but based on a few searches I couldn't find it. If it's been asked for already I apologize.


Jan 15, 2020
I agree. This takes me back to when Bamboozle wasn't a status effect, and to keep track you'd need to use a third-party tool or a piece of paper if you wanted to play optimally.

Deceit Aura is a big deal. Forgetting that it's active and making decisions can just lose you games. Not to mention the weird behavior when you lose turns of DA by coming in on death, or swapping in.

I'm by no means amazing at design, but I think I'd like to see it under Naga's stamina bar in the Battle Log perhaps? It would show how many turns are left so you know if it's up or not, and this could also apply to Mimmit if it ends up copying a Nagaise?

Also adding a DA turn timer gives way to use the system created for other field affects, should those ever exist.

Actually speaking of, I would say this should also apply to Tyranak's traits since they operate similarly to Deceit Aura.
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Nov 2, 2020
Well I don't think that will require an additional information anywhere. When Nagaise is here, at the beginning of each turn, you see the passive "proc" on the left or right depending on who has it. It would simply require to find a way for this "proc"/text to remain for its entire duration.

That, or add a buff below Nagaise's bar showing the number of turns remaining.


Oct 30, 2020
I believe it's necessary to add a text on the battle log next to(or below,doesn't matter) "Turn 3" to showcase,that on Turn 3 , Deceit Aura was active.