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Brief Mid-Endgame Ideas (Lairs + Rematches)


Jan 18, 2020
Idea 1: Radar Drop Changes

The main gripes people seem to have with dojo rematches is:
-It's difficult to get a radar of a Temtem that you actually want
-You can't rematch the dojos more than once if you want to practice

My solution to this combines these two issues. Instead of being able to get 1 radar from a dojo, you would be able to battle them more than once and receive up to your 3 radars for the week. This would give players a better chance of the Temtem that they aim to luma hunt or breed at the expense of their time and radars from other dojos. Rematches past the initial one would give no or significantly reduced pansuns of course.

Idea 2: Beginner Lair

Lairs are a great addition to the game, but they're inaccessible to players fresh out of the story due to their entry fee and difficulty for unorganized parties. The current lairs are very punishing for inexperienced players and groups due to the penalty for dying and the knowledge required to succeed. A beginner lair with no entry fee would be a great way to introduce new players to the systems involved, as well as provide battle-related content directly after the story without the need for a fully TV trained team. These lairs could also be an option to provide new players with much-needed pansun income.


Oct 30, 2020
I would really enjoy being able to rebattle dojo leaders even without a reward after the 1st victory.