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Bug labels and process explanation

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Apr 2, 2019
We have 5 different labels for bugs, each of those labels means different things so I'll explain all of this here and I'll list all of the bugs we are investigating so you can understand why your bugs have a specific label and where they go in every stage.

[Investigating] (These are the bugs we don't know how to reproduce them so we are "investigating" - If it seems to be a quite simple issue, we'll lock the thread, we could unlock it if we find out it wasn't as easy as we thought)

[Assigned] (All the bugs that have this label have been fixed by our programming team in our Internal Build, so if there's a bug with the assigned label expect it to be fixed in the next patch. Once your bug is labelled as "asigned" it will be locked as we don't need more info)

[Duplicated] (If your bug is labelled as "duplicated" it means that we already have a report of the issue you have found, although it doesn't mean we won't look at it, sometimes "duplicated" bugs give us the needed info to find a pattern to reproduce a bug, so don't worry if you have a "duplicated" label in your bug, every report is looked at and we appreciate it.)

[Not enough info] (If we label your bug with "not enough info" we could have two different situations. Your report provides us too little information so you'd need to read the How to report a bug thread or your provided us some information but we'd need something extra, so we'll post a comment on your report asking for something specific.)

[Not a bug] (This one is pretty obvious, if it's not a bug then it's not a bug)

I hope this help you understand each label and the state of every bug.
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