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Open Can't claim Fisher Kudo in game after completing it twice

Sep 20, 2022
I don't know how to report this bug but this is the best I can do. Last week I finally sat down and completed the Kudo for turning in a 5/5 Koish before 4/5. I saw the steam achievement pop up and the Kudo completed on the side of my screen. I went to claim it and it wouldn't let me. I tried restarting the game to no avail, now with the Kudo showing I had not completed the requirements. I chose to wait until this week to bring it up because I figured it was possible doing the requirements again would allow me to fix this issue myself, however the same thing happened this week too.

I don't know how to add a screencap to this post, but I did take a screenshot of the issue, with the game showing I could collect the Kudo in game and the achievement completed in the background on Steam. I also have a screenshot from after I closed and reopened the game and it no longer had the Kudo lit up, though I have the achievement clearly shown on my Steam profile.

Is there anything I can do? I don't want to do 5/5 before 4/5 for a third week, and I would like it to let me finish the Kudo.
In case it's needed, my user name is Willow Heart with #1619180 as my Tamer ID numbers.


Feb 7, 2020
Exactly the same here, very disappointed. I also had the exact same issue with the Gearless elite kudo. Now it feels like my efforts were for nothing, so I hope the game remembers that I got them and can claim them when it gets fixed later:


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IGN Frisco #247964


Feb 7, 2023
I have the exact same problem. Could not claim the Kudo FIsher and and Psy-koish although i turned a 5/5 in before
a 4/5. It was marked as completed (yellow). It was monday, the 6 so eventstart. Kinda knew it would be a problem to farm that kudo
on release :D...maybe just a coincidence. Later that day 6pm i checked the kudos again, could claim Psy-koish but Fisher was deactivated.
I can not turn in another koish. Unfortunetly i relogged before posting or saving the logs :/.

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