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Compendium of Temtem PVP Resources


Feb 7, 2020
I will add and remove resources as they are created or become outdated. Let me know if I missed anything that is currently up-to-date.

How to get money/resources so you can get into PVP after the story ends:

Here is a list of what you can do when you beat the story, including some "get into PVP" basics.

How to win Dojo Rematches. You will need to win Dojo Rematches to afford the resources you will need to PVP.


Guides that explain the battle system, team building, fundamentals, and even some advanced concepts:

Tortenite's Garden. A website full of long-written guides, a respectable PVP tier list including some PVE content such as Lairs. There are some massive, somewhat advanced PVP concept guides on this site as well.

You can also search a Temtem up and click on its name to see recommended Builds (such as held items, TVs, movesets) and explanations for how to use a specific Temtem including suggested allies. For example, type "Raican" in the search bar and click the Raican icon.

How to evaluate a Temtem's strengths and weaknesses. While other resources can do some of this for you, if you are wanting to slot in an underused tem on your team, you will probably want to know how to do this.

How to conceptually build a team from the ground up. The examples are from an older meta, but the concepts still hold up and they are important to understand.
Trotter’s Guide to Team Building for Competitive Temtem

A flowchart for how to TV train tems: a starting guide. You can break the rules of this flowchart and still have a great TV spread, but for new players trying to do custom stuff for the first time, this is a good reference.

Stamina TV values - you can gain extra stamina per turn if your tem's total stamina has these values. Investing the proper amount of stamina can allow your tem to move an extra turn.

A quick reference table of each tem's speed. How fast is a max speed Gyalis? What about one with 0 speed investment? If you need your tem to outspeed or underspeed specific threats, this is a godsend.

This youtuber often uploads tournament matches that you can review to better understand higher level play and game tempo.

If any of this is super confusing, join the official Temtem Discord and ask around on the #competitive channel. People there tend to be newbie friendly, and a lot of the guides here were written by the #competitive chat regulars so that new players can have an easier time getting into this honestly cool Battle System.


Invaluable tools that will be your best friends once you start actually PVPing. This is literally the most important section of this post.

This is a way for you to take notes, save, and share your team concepts. While not required, I recommend you link this website to your discord so that you can make a compendium of different teams / different versions of teams. Click on the small tabs on the top right of the screen to see your share link, name and save your team, and even see what your team's custom type chart looks like (you can ssee if you are accidentally super weak to Electric type, for example).

Use this tool to make custom TV spreads. Simulate stamina use, status effects, gear, damage, etc with this damage calculator.

Look in the Temtem Discord's #community-events channel for tournaments! There are tournaments for new players, established players, tournaments with silly rules, and even tournaments that involve playing as a group/team with friends. The tournament scene is pretty alive and is where you can find a lot of established players.

You can ask the Temtem Discord's #competitive channel for practice battles. You will need a team of Perfect SV tems that are fully leveled up, but these scrims don't affect TMR or anything.


For those of you that want to join a PVP club:
Talk with people about PVP in Temtem's #competitive discord channel and you will meet people who are in PVP clubs. If you make a name for yourself socially, you can network your way into a good one.

If you are all about action and less about conversation, clubs are ESPECIALLY mindful of clubless players who play consistently in tournaments or have a decent ranked ladder TMR. PVP clubs notice when a new name starts showing up everywhere.


That's all folks!
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