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Daily AI Tournament


Jan 29, 2020
Make a daily AI Tournament.

This is a simple request. Similar to the Sunday Tournament with players, add a daily one for AI with lesser rewards.

It lets players get used to the PvP format
It appeals to those who just don't want to face players
It allows for multiple difficult battles per day with your own team
It would have no queue time
It could scale the AI based on your TMR/Trainer Level
It could have weekly leader boards among clans and players
It could have weekly rewards for X wins or overall leaderboard ranking
It could have different themes per week
It could have multiple AI trainers with actual personalities you can learn to better guess their moves

I feel like the only reason we don't have this is because not having it "forces" people to do the PvP. But given the queue times, I don't think that's what people who don't like PvP are doing,


Aug 15, 2019
I want to be able to play in a competitive setting to test out teams without having to wait for my opponent to run down the clock and hold me hostage 25 minutes. I’m already bummed out that dojo rematches are once a week. I wish we could be able to dojo rematch (even if it’s without rewards) as much as I want.

+1, this could be integrated to the academia battles, and make a zone reused more than the one time it’s used in the story.