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FreeTem stopped counting my releases


Feb 22, 2021
Yesterday sunday 21-02-2021i was fishing where i had released arround 9 temtems before going to omnisia to get some freetemming done to release some more and get to the 450 freetem ammount i used all my cards i had with me arround 80 when i had to buy new i decided to check with the Freetem coordinator first. sadly she said i had only released 9. i asked my boyfriend to check if his releases counted so he checked and it worked for him. i decided to wait after a restart it still didnt worked. i check by releasing 1 of the tems i caught yesterday since i noticed freetem wasnt working anymore for me. i decided to have a good night of sleep and check it again in the morning.
Sadly it is still not working. After handing in the 9 yesterday she said i had released 352 tems. so according to her i didnt released the 450 yet either. is there any way how i can fix this?



After the weekly reset was i tried it it didnt worked, so i tried to restart once again and it worked. sorry i dont know how to remove this post
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