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Gear gives bonus to healing.


Mar 12, 2020
Currently there is not any thing that really gives a bonus to healing with gears. There are items that heal like reactive vial but no gear that gives bonus to heals.
A gear that gives bonus to healing would be useful and good on a number of tems. Especially good with lifulsap, scavenger , revitalize, chainheal. I would assume the gear will only give bonus heal on the tem holding the item so if a kinu revitalizes its ally and kinu is holding the item the item would not proc becase kinus not getting healed unless the synergy goes off in which then the item would go off on kinu only

This would be a good item but idk how difficult it would be to be added and then to balance as well. I don't even want to try to give a number how big the bonus heal would be but it would at the minimum be enough to make healing ticks do the same or more % healing/damage as toxic tics.


Jun 17, 2021
the meta is still dominated by aggro teams and yes I believe healing-related buffs can make this better.
Currently there's is an underuse of the healing moves, and no one has ever seen piraniant with revitalise being played.


Feb 7, 2021
I like the idea. A pvp equivalent to the Squeezer item would be nice. Obviously the healing increase would have to be smaller to balance for pvp.

I personally think a manageable route for this would be healing done as a whole or healing moves for allies is increased while the temtem with the gear equipped is out. I agree that it should be significant enough to negate the poison status though.


Nov 2, 2020
An item increasing healing received by a good 30-50% (i.e. Revitalize bumping from 25% to 35/37.5% and Regenerated ticks from 10 to 13/15%) wouldn't be too OP (given that it would be that or any other useful item, so if it just adds 2 HP, it's a useless item).

This item could even reduce the damage taken from DoTs (Toxic from 12.5 to 10% and Fire from 7.5 to 5%) ?

Honestly, healing is so shitty with all the ultra-aggressive Tems which are part of the meta that I'm sure a straight +100% increase wouldn't even be OP :ROFLMAO:

Edit : While we're at it, we could also see an item such as the lair's bonus which heals for 2 or 4% everytime you use an offensive technique. This way, you could use it even if you don't have a healer (or can't use it). I'm not doing competitive so I don't know how interesting/uninteresting that may be ?
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