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Done Give us an option to retain our original name when restarting.


Jul 5, 2019
Exactly as it says on the title. When you restart your save, your name is freed up immediately- which means someone else can come in and snatch up your chosen name for themselves while you're remaking your char. I don't like that. Can we change that? I can see a few ways to go about this, such as a "restart with current name" option, or perhaps a 15 minute grace period to make your character and reclaim your name before it's freed up for others to use.
Given that (as of right now) we only get one save per account, I feel that we should at least be able to restart that save without having to rush through char creation for fear of someone snatching up your chosen (possibly paid-to-reserve) name.... which I can imagine being a very real fear when EA hits, with the floodgates open to new players and all that.


Game Moderator
Staff member
Nov 22, 2018
I agree with this.

Even if it's really pointless to restart the game, there are people who do want to play though the story again and again. Losing a username during that small window would be the worst possible feeling.


Jan 22, 2020
is this still true after official release? will names be locked to my account if i decide to delete it? how long is the period that i get to keep the name? i want to delete my character to create a new one since i rushed to save a name but i didnt pick my characters looks. im scared someone will end up taking it away since its a popular name that i got