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Looking for "breedjects"


May 11, 2021
Hello People, I never traded in this game and I stopped playing before the Kisiwa update. I don't know how trading for "breedjects" work in this game(currency,etc) so I count with your comprehension.

Now I have a Small list of 5 teams I would like(if that's not asking to much). I will see what I can offer back, but I'm afraid I don't have much.

Here is the list:
1- Smolzy(preferably with electric synthesize trait)
2- Pycko(preferably with mud shower breeded)
3- Chromeon- Electric(preferably with synertyper)
4- Smazee(preferably with friendship)
5- Houchic(preferably with soft touch - this one I just wanted for one with better stats, since mine is all meh, it's not a must).

I prefer low levels, since I want to focus on beating the story with them.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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