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Luma Sink Megathread


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Nov 22, 2018
Post your ideas for luma sinks here!

There are a few things to keep in mind about suggestions...

All of the great suggestions we've seen on the forums, ever since the first luma suggestions have cropped up, have all had at least one of these two issues;
- They are either too complex in terms of UX / UI.
- They are too complex because they need new features.

Given these issues, try to tailor your suggestions to attempt to fall into something acceptable with both of these issues in mind.
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Mar 10, 2020
Luma Inflation is a big problem that can potentially destroy temtems economy & gameplay loops before 1.0. it is absolutely MANDATORY that we get LUMA SINKS.

why are sinks necessary?
Crema gave us saipark & radars, while being very good additions to the game, they pose problems to the long term health of temtems economy. Lumas are in fact RARE, they always have been something special, something to strive for but thanks to inflation and a lack of sinks they become increasingly more common. day by day their population grows, they are trophy items, with a whopping 1/10k chance of finding one they are almost impossible to find. in the current state of the game, players WILL NEVER release lumas, even if they had horrendous stats players would keep them because they are rare & valuable (and clog their banks).

sinks, in video games, are basically mechanics that aim to remove currency to prevent inflation, they usually reward players for using them.

Sink Idea #1: Freetem

The Freetem Organization offers the perfect opportunity for a sink, release a luma -> get rewards.

this is by far the easiest way of creating a luma sink. implementing this sink will add longevity, purpose and a feeling of feasible progression to the game. radars, saipark wouldnt just increase the luma population, players would free their newly found saipark lumas to get rewards.


for a meaningful discussion we need to establish common ground and explore what kind of rewards are good enough for a luma sink.

these are some items that would make me release lumas on the spot:

- hotfixes
hotfixes just make sense, releasing lumas to get more progression on your OT luma will make use of every game mechanic so far and would add a base value to lumas, this would prevent inflation and make ALL lumas worthwhile.

- Cosmetics & vanity items
exclusive luma sink cosmetics would be a huge draw: Luma dye for your clothes, housing items, clothing, titles, emotes, mount skins (maybe lumas?). all of these would make players release their fodder.

i realise that it takes time to create these items and that they can probably not be handed out on a 1 to 1 ratio. thats why i´d like to mention that a progress bar would work. for example:

release 5 lumas = luma dye
release 10 lumas = clothing (tshirt)
release 15 lumas = title
release 20 lumas = clothing (pants)
release 25 lumas = emote

- Radars
5% radars could make a return! (make them faster, make them break after finding a luma)

i´d propose a baseline reward of atleast: 4 hotfixes per luma (better stats = more hotfixes maybe?), progress towards cosmetic items and some goodies.

- goodies?
items that are nice to have but not good enough to serve as a sink.

- Tickets
FreeTem and Fishing tickes, these items would allow you to claim weekly freetem and fishing prizes without actually doing them.

- Temcard X

these in addition to HIGH SV fruits, non exclusive dye, housing items and clothing could make a decent additions to luma sink rewards.
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Feb 7, 2020
Luma sinks feel needed because common lumas feel more like "junk" than they should, and people feel like they can't even use this "junk" to reach their own personal goals. There are multiple ways to approach this problem, and multiple approaches can exist at the same time.

Old topic about making non-OT lumas have worth. The current method makes all non-OT lumas worthless even if somebody else is dying for a specific common Luma. How do we help people work toward their personal goals?

Tldr bind a Luma to a person's account (make untradeable but SVs can be improved), once perfected it is unbound.

Fixing Radars:
-Max 3 radars in inventory.
-Radars can no longer expire.
-Radars still can't be traded, but can still be sold to NPCs.
-Radars can be paused.
-5% radars can have difficulty adjusted since they can be paused, so are added back to pool.
-A higher tier freetem reward can be one radar of choice.
-if a player beats dojos while having 3 radars, they pick to replace a specific one. If they replace one, they get the money as if the chosen radar was sold.
(This lets people work toward their personal goals without the dreaded time limit. Once a week, people who do freetem within the time limit are rewarded greatly with an opportunity at their favorite lumas.)

Common Luma sink:
Freetem could also reward a luma-telo for every specific 50 stat the released Luma had. So a Max atk, max speed, max HP saipat would give one atk, one speed, and one HP telo.

Added bonus that normally, all radars have some value to everyone. Especially if radars don't have a time limit.

5% lumas don't need to have a sink as they don't have the overpopulation problem that common lumas do.
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Jun 12, 2021
For reference, if you're posting here keep in mind what YaW has previously said about luma sinks (Discord - A New Way to Chat with Friends & Communities)

"all the good ideas for luma sinks I've seen so far are either:
- too complex in terms of UX / UI
- too complex because they need new features

and doing something with that in mind is going to take a lot of time which we don't have planned for right now"

I'll probably try to think of something later but I think it's important we're all on the same page here re:creating a plethora of systems for luma sinks that just aren't feasible right now.


Mar 12, 2020
Now this thread has nothing to do with rewards if there should be or not a luma sink just purely a possible rout that one could be implemented that would give story to siapark.

Currently there is verry little story behind siapark it was added and was kind of left alone. As far as i know there's no quests leading you to it its kind of just word of mouth.
So all I'm suggesting is if somehow there is some kind of lab in siapark somewhere that is behind the scenes in siapark. In this lab there are scientist that study lumas and are the ones who are in charge of the park and behind the sv weeks and the luma siaprk weeks. Because right now there is 0 explanation how this place we call siapark has increased luma odds and sv every other week i think that eventually there should be something that ties siapark into the rest of the game.
And with this lab in siapark studing lumas and setting up siapark this would make a perfect place for a luma sink to be because the scientist would always be needing lumas to do humane tests on them so they can continue to make siaparks happen.

Also with the lab a quest for siapark would be good.

I dont want to get super detailed about this but this is just a idea that i had a while back that kills 2 birds with 1 stone ties sipark in with the rest of the game from a story standpoint and gives a possible spot to add a luma sink if ever added.

If siapark dose have some story behind how it runs let me know if i missed it because seriously who in game is running siapark?
this was just one post i made about luma sinks so figured i could move it here/.
Mar 25, 2020
So my idea for a Luma sink is the following

Luma Collector Association

The main story lore about this is, the family is in a fancy house in Arbury and they collect these rare species of temtems that they heard about from an old famous Arburian professor who studied these genetic variants extensively and reported them as extremely rare.

One of them would have studied temtemology in university and so he can analyse the quality of the said specimen ( Luma being given) and depending on this appraisal you can get better rewards.

The rewards could be, direct rewards such has hacks, hotfixes, and pansuns

Or they also could be some kind of tokens you could exchange for these said prices plus radars of tems you would want (with balanced prices depending on the Luma you want)

Why would this be a great rewards system?

Well, this way every Luma would be progress , no matter if you got that Luma Saipat on hocus week, or that pigepic on goty week, if you didn't want them, or you have them as repeats, you can trade them for other items that help you progress the Lumas you have to perfection or help you on the hunt for other Lumas.

And that's pretty much it.

Love the game, keep on doing your best



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Nov 22, 2018
My suggestions for luma sinks would be;
- Soulbinding system; you can bind a Temtem to yourself. Binding a Temtem to yourself lets you hack it even if it's not your OT but makes it untradeable forever. This removes Temtem from circulation in a way beyond deletion.
- Some sort of FreeTem system. Maybe releasing a luma gives you more than 1 encounter worth of FreeTem (100+) or gives you special rewards like Hotfixes when you talk to the individual (guaranteed, you know what you're getting when you release a luma).
- A conversion NPC who gives you a currency (Hotfixes) for the stats a luma has perfect.

All of the reward type systems should scale with the rarity of the Temtem. Releasing a 5%er should give way more than releasing a 100%er (even if nobody actually ever releases 5%ers).
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Feb 11, 2020
Just throwing out ideas here
-Trade a luma for a mega lootbox like fishing 5/5 but much more reward
-Trade a luma for a radar of your choice (might also fix the rare radar issue)
-Trade lumas for luma currency (amount based on rarity/spawn rate) that can be used to buy a variety of "cash/cosmetics" stuff at le luma shoppe
-Trade a lot of OT lumas for a luma "paint" to use on a tem of your choice, which then becomes soulbonded
-absolutely nuts but....combine 2 of the same OT luma for a 10% chance of a soulbonded darkluma?


May 11, 2020
Rarely post ideas but I figured this would probably be a decent one-

Allow people to trade in their lumas in order to progress towards owning a luma mythical. NOT "A chance to obtain". Allow people to make consistent progress to getting their own luma mythical by sacrificing their other lumas.
This would realistically allow people to work towards owning all the lumas, while still needing much more work than any other luma combined to obtain.

You could keep the trade limit imposed on mythicals as well, to leave them out of the market.


Apr 13, 2020
I think it would be nice to have a multiple choices.

Fertility Hotfixes:

You'd donate lumas to Nanto labs for research purposes and receive Hotfixes that grants one fertility to another temtem. It could be as simple as one luma= one hotfix, perhaps rarer temtem could be worth more. This essentially means you can trade in lumas you do not want for a potential 1/100 egg for the temtem that you do want. Or you could use the fertility hotfixes on a mythical, giving you a way to breed perfects or just a reasonable way to obtain a luma mythical.


Totemtem would be a totem, about the size of temtem egg, that gets strapped to your back. There would be one for every evolution line. Turning in, lets say a Paharo luma to one of the monks in Miyako village, them believing lumas to be the most spiritual of temtem, grants you a Bronze Totemtem(Paharo). While wearing this you receive certain buffs when you try to encounter a wild Paharo. These effects get better the more luma Paharo(Paharac, Granpah) you turn in, replacing the old Totemtem and making you more in tune with that species.
  • Tier 1, Bronze Totemtem: +50% increased encounter rate and 2x catch rate
  • Tier 2, Silver Totemtem: 10 minimum SVs
  • Tier 3, Gold Totemtem: Increased levels (or just higher freetem yield)
  • Tier 4, Jade Totemtem: 1/9000 luma odds (stack with radars).
  • Tier 5, Diamond Totemtem: a unique animation when interacting with that species.


Mar 12, 2020
Luma DNA strand
  • It is a breeding item.
  • It is 1 time consumable item just like all breeding items.
Two different options have thought up how it could work
  • Give it to a non luma temtem for breeding and that fert from the non luma temtem becomes like luma fert which gives it 1 in 100 chance at being luma if breed with another luma or another tem holding the luma DNA strand.
    • option for this option limit this item so only 1 tem at a time can hold this item while breeding so 2 tems that are non lumas can not breed together to make 1 in 100 luma eggs.
  • Give the Luma DNA strand to a luma temtem for breeding and when you breed it with a non Luma parent it inharets the luma gene so you get 1 in 100 chance at luma eggs.
This was one of my ideas for a reward that would be exclusivly found throgh a luma sink.
I still think this is a solid idea for a reward.
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Sep 13, 2020
Easy solution:

Make releasing a luma count an obscene amount of encounters towards freetem. allow them to be non-ot lumas.

This gives lumas a mimimum value, and you also dont have to worry about tuning the numbers on it to make 5%'ers worth more; the catch rate on most 5%'ers is low, meaning the freetem release value is higher, therefore making the 5%ers worth more without having to factor much into it.

More complex:

Introduce a new currency system. Releasing lumas gives you this currency. Scale the amount of currency to match encounter rates, eg saipat will be worth less than anahir.

Add a new shop where you can trade this new currency for 5%/10% radars that dont break at the end of the week. This also placates the people that are crying for 5% and 10% radars to be reintroduced.


Jul 13, 2019
Luma DNA strand

This was one of my ideas for a reward that would be exclusively found through a luma sink.
I still think this is a solid idea for a reward.
I was about to post a similar idea :LOL:

I like this suggestion of a 1 time consumable Luma DNA Strand (Could be called Sparkling DNA Strand or something similar)
I don't feel like we need 2 options, that might make the mechanic complicated.

Something as simple as : "During breeding, the tem holding this gear will be considered luma."

So if you give this item to a luma, this won't have any effect (the item won't be used)

Also, I think it might be better to have 1 luma for only 1 DNA Strand (instead of 4 and no hacks)

In brief, this item will be a great way to farm rare luma (5%, Anahir etc.) and will work as a great luma sink.
Yes, rich players will have an easier access to this item by either buying the DNA or directly buying a luma and then using it to get a DNA Strand, but the overall amount of luma in game will be lower since you're releasing one luma for a 1/1000 or 1/100 (if the other parent is luma) to get another one


Another idea would be to have a NPC that gives you a tem sculpture for your house in exchange for the same tem + pansuns (price might change depending on the species).

If you give them a luma tem, you get the luma version of this sculpture.

That might be a great way for luma hunters to show off all the luma they have found.
(the item can't be tradable)
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Nov 12, 2020
I don't know how I haven't noticed this thread until now. Here's a link to a preceding thread for those interested:

I like the idea of turning in lumas for items, especially items that can be used to optimize the fewer lumas that remain. The lumas that remain in the market would mostly be perfect ones with high prices and all the ETCs available to the species applied.

I don't like the idea of turning in lumas for something that can be used to obtain more lumas. Turning in common species lumas for radars of rarer species tells the players that want rare species radars back in the game they have to grind as a prerequisite to grinding the radar they want to get but already hate the grind for.

Now I'll list out my wishlist for luma sinks:

#1 luma clothes/furniture
There's a few cosmetic items in the game based on the designs of tems including posters, plushies, and clothing. Players would use this sink by turning in a luma and a normal version of the cosmetic item that matches the evolutionary line in exchange for a luma version of the same cosmetic item.

As a bonus for making each of these items able to sink multiple lumas so we don't end up with an excess of these items, you could then take a luma cosmetic item and more luma tems of the same evolutionary item to stack onto the luma cosmetic item with a score that's displayed with a badge that has the number of luma tems stacked onto it which starts to display when the second luma tem is exchanged to upgrade the badge's rank. Alternatively to the badge, have it only display when viewing the details of the item either by having it in your inventory for either clothing or furniture, or by being able to place it in your house as a furniture item (clothing would be on display mannequins) so other players can read the stack amount.

This sink is aimed more at diminishing the quantity of low value lumas and assumes every evolutionary line will have at least one clothing and/or furniture item for the evolutionary line.

#2 exchange for a weekly buff
The magnitude of the buff would be inversely related to how common the species is, so rarer lumas would give larger buffs. You'd give up a luma in exchange for receiving a buff to something for the week until the reset at the end of the week.

Buffs can include higher catch rate, higher encounter rate for certain species, lower encounter rate for certain species, higher TV yield rate, higher experience yield rate, and so on; excluding higher luma chance. The higher encounter rate would probably be used to find more lumas so I don't know if that one would be acceptable.

Higher TV and experience rates would be good for grinding up competitive sets but it has to be a lot to be using lumas as fuel. It'd also be a shame if the only greater form of the current TV training and experience grinding is this method since these are a general issue for all players, most of which don't have so much as one luma let alone a disposable income of lumas.

#3 display the tem as a furniture item in our house
This sink would simply store the tem as a displayable furniture the same way tems are displayed in the overworld and in buildings in an idle animation that don't move around. You could walk up to the tem and interact to hear the cry, but generally the tem will be in the idle animation.

This sink could also have the same stacking function from #1 that players could inspect when interacting, where a small number pops up to indicate the amount of luma tems stacked onto the luma tem as a furniture item.

#4 sap luma quality from both parents to get a 100% luma egg
I don't remember where I posted this before, but the idea is to equip a gear item onto the female in a couple used to produce a luma egg that causes the egg to have a 100% chance to be a luma, but the luma quality of both parents is removed.

The 100% chance luma egg would have no remaining fertility regardless of the remaining fertility on the parents. This egg would also be untradeable after hatching, so it can be traded to sell the guaranteed luma egg but cannot be traded by the hatcher ("soulbound").

The item used to cause this exchange can only be equipped to the female tem used in the breeding process and there's a specific version of the item for each evolutionary line. This item can be in loot tables, but can also be purchased from a NPC vendor where the price is inversely proportionate to how common the species is. For example, the Saipat one could cost 20k, while the Yowlar one could cost 2 million. If these items are in loot tables they'd also be rare proportionate to the rarity of the species.


Dec 16, 2020
1. Luma Fresnel effect & Luma color dye for character
Many people enjoy color matching their favorite luma into their outfits, so why not add the Fresnel effect too.
It could be so that sinking 1 luma Volarend gives you 2 of the 'blue dye' of Volarend
The 2nd luma Volarend you sink can give you 2 of the 'orange/red dye' of Volarend
And for the Fresnel effect you need to release another 5 more Luma Volarend's.
This sinks 7 luma per color scheme set, so it will be something that can last a long time.

This also makes continue hunting the luma you really love useful, because you need 8 to show off your non sinked luma + all its effects on your 1 character outfit.

Other thoughts, but I prefer 1. by far.

2. Gender bender hotfix
One of the issues with luma's atm is the overstock of full fert females, maybe you could sink a full fert female for a genderbender hotfix (can consume 1 or maybe even 2 fert) to use on another female to get rid of the genderlock when breeding luma's.
For balance reasons only females can become males. (Else mimit would lose its value for rare 5% males).

3. What not to do:
Use them for freetem for Non OT Luma's (Freetem moved away from being able to be 'bought', re adding sinking non-ot luma's to complete freetem reverts that change.)


Nov 2, 2020
I had posted something talking about "Trading Tems for Telomeres", where you could exchange Normal Tems for Hacks, Lumas for Hotfixes (with bonuses or only working for OT), and Mythical for Hotfixes

I think that whichever solution is implemented to "sink Lumas", I think it would be a great idea to apply also to Mythicals. FreeTeming them for 10 pansuns definitely sucks, they're not tradable and limited to X per week (X being the number of Lairs in the end), so even if you can trade them for Hotfixes, you could not abuse it in any way. That would work as a guaranteed Hotfix for your first Lair of the week, which would be nice imo

I'm currently keeping them in case we can exchange them, one day, with anything else, but they're taking up space and if nothing comes at Arbury, I'll just release them to make some room. :p


Dec 22, 2021
Hi there! I'm new, but I joined because I feel like there needs to be a bit of a balance in the forum between players who can apparently spend a ton of hours a week on this game and players who can't. I'm saying this based on the responses I'm seeing here, and I can't imagine anyone with a family and even just a part time job ever realistically possibly having time to ever accomplish some of these suggestions. Like, a lot of these are great suggestions, but the outcome of the suggestions clearly show it's designed for players possibly putting 40+ hours a week into the game (5?! Lumas for a single reward??? I haven't even encountered 1 in my entire playthrough.) A lot of these suggestions for Luma sinks fall into "no single casual player in their right mind would ever possibly get rid of their Luma" category. The only way to ever get the actual majority, and future majority, of the player base to use a Luma sink is if the reward is massive, because otherwise they definitely won't even bother. I'm talking about something like 10 of each telomere hotfix along with incubator tickets and possibly even more or similar. And if you want to balance out the economy, just restrict how often a Luma can be released, say maybe once a month - that way the players here who do grind out lumas for hours a day can't completely flood the economy with said rare items either.

I do like the ideas someone posted here about a wealthy Arburian collector or a Nanto labs researcher giving out the rewards though. Freetem integration is nice too, but again it would have to be something big like all the weekly rewards + a unique item (like Luma dyes) + a good deal of pansuns or again, most players wouldn't ever bother releasing a Luma (especially considering how many pansuns Luma origin eggs alone sell for on Discord).
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Mar 12, 2020
So mounts are items of some sort we are getting soon. We know mounts are separate from our own tems. What if there could be a luma sink that gives some specific luma mounts. Like you give a luma oceara or volerand and you get a luma mount of that specific tem. Something like that would be especaly good sink for more rare lumas like 5%.

Also things i think are important for a luma sink

  • No hotfixes for a reward from luma sink becase that would make hotfixes essentaly tradeable throgh lumas then to counter that you make the luma sink Ot only which would destroy the porpose of a luma sink.
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Feb 17, 2020
Surprisingly as soon as i saw this topic i instantly had an idea:

Luma-merge: merge two lumas into one. Two slots, the merged tem will originally inherit the stats of the first slot. BUT: If the second slot has one of the stats higher than the first one, it will inherit one of the higher stats randomly out of the higher ones. (but only one)
The fertility will be lost completely after the merge.

Edit: can only merge OT lumas.


Mar 15, 2021
freetem should indicate how many lumas you've released. say, you release 20 tems and a luma skail. the freetem agent will say "you've released 20 tems, including a Luma Skail! Wow, you're really doing your part for the cause! Here's x telomere hacks!" and telomere hacks will scale with the percentage encounter in the wild (100% lumas will give 1 telomere hack while 10% and 5% lumas will give 6-8 telomere hacks, and maybe even a title such as "Kinu Whisperer" or something)

for releasing one/five lumas of a species, you could also give a house item similar to the replicas in animal crossing. you could add the flavour text as "You've released your first luma of this Temtem/Wow, you've released five lumas of this Temtem! You're very lucky!" and then give the furniture item. integrates housing a bit more as well


Jan 26, 2020
You want to utilize existing systems as much as possible. Therefore, I propose the following idea and implementation.

  • Put your existing luma shaders to work. Create an alternate clothing material that uses this shader with the existing dye colors and you have a new line of cosmetic dyes.
  • Why are premium dyes an ideal sink? They're recurring. As you introduce new cosmetics through your season passes, people will continue to buy new dyes. As you develop the game, you can additionally add more value to these dyes by making other elements such as furniture dye-able.

  • Create scarcity with your loot box system. Players want to show off value and wealth. The loot box system can increase the value of certain dyes beyond what would be tolerable in a trade-in system. Unwanted dyes can be sold to other players. Each box need not contain a special dye if other rewards are present and the existing luck mitigation system ensures at least some dyes are rewarded.
  • Avoid new currencies. The loot box system allows a 1-to-1 trade of luma per box while still allowing different dyes to vary dramatically in rarity.
  • Use your auction house to make them obtainable through great wealth. Therefore, the RNG of the lootbox is made acceptable because you only need a small subset of people to have won that one in a million lottery for the extra rare premium dyes. Luma Black and Luma White will be extremely high value commodities which a player may obtain by paying high sums to another player.

  • Half-Baked: Ramblings on 5%s vs 100%s. It's possible to simply have all lumas gain the same effect and allow that people simply won't trade in 5% lumas. Alternatively, it's possible to implement different loot boxes to differentiate Tems by two or three rarity tiers. The only way I could see anyone trading in a 5%, of course, is if there were some incredible rewards you could only get from the 5% boxes. This could be more along the lines of alternate boxes that reward luma variants of mounts. I would personally avoid making them able to drop things from the lower tiers in this situation due to the exceptional cost of sacrificing a 5% creature. Again, unwanted results may be sold via the auction house.


Jun 17, 2021
seeing so many ppl on this page with so many bright ideas :D:love:
Really like the freetem free luma method.
Keep it simple


Feb 10, 2020

I have a cool idea : a luma press

You put a luma inside, then you squeeze it like an orange, and you get 1 luma dye (or 2, based on the sacrificed luma colors and rarity) to put on other lumas (or clothing) :sneaky:

Imagine have the ability to choose the colors of your lumas, it would also be very nice visually in the Temtem's world not to see the same lumas all the time. I would love to have a black and pink oceara, or a white and gold tortenite :love:

But if you find that's a little barbaric we can replace the press by a NPC at Libertem who trade it for 1 or 2 luma dye(s) then release the temtem in nature, it is also ok. Less fun but ok :censored:

Of course, luma dyes should not be tradable, and obtainable/usable only from/on luma OT. To prevent an unfair new economy for new players when the game will be released and not give another advantage to the richest people in the game : just catch 2 different lumas and you will have an unique luma.

For the non-OT lumas, simply offer the possibility to trade them for telo hacks according to their stats (3 perfect stats = 3 telo hacks from these stats, 4 perfect stats = 4 telo hacks, etc), as already mentioned previously.

Plz don't hit me :cry:
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Mar 25, 2020
Btw just heard this from someone on some discord that a club mate shared in our discord

A way to sink lumas couild be..... If you release a luma you automatically complete all freetem tears and have x amount of pansuns given which multiplies by the catch rate of the luma + say 500 pansun (Luma factor)

its a simple idea, not much changing the current game needed and it builds upon an already existing feature