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Done Make "Settling" activate at the same time as "Energy Reserves"


Nov 6, 2018
Settling is a very interesting ability, but right now it activates just like Plethoric, right after the Player Input, and at the very beginning of the combat/swapping/fleeing animations.

My problem with this, is that the description ("Increases ATK by 5% for each turn the Temtem stays in the battlefield") makes you think that the boost should already be up by the time you get to choose new actions. Right now, though, you can actually swap the settling temtem, and while the temtem is being swapped, the settling notification occurs. In practice, the turn has already passed, and yet you don't get notified until you get to choose an action. This may confuse people, who might have expected to receive the notification by then, and who may think the trait isn't working properly. Knowing that you got the boost is important, both for you and the enemy, so that you can both consider your options prior to picking your new techniques/swapping.

Seeing how Energy Reserves activates after the Status Condition phase (when the last bits of dmg are done, making it safe to assume that the temtem survived that turn), then my suggestion would be to make Settling activate at the same time as Energy Reserves. This would give the player the feedback at the correct time and would improve the feeling of control over the game.


Game Director
Staff member
Oct 20, 2018
This is a bit tricky.

The ATK multiplier is reset per turn (the ability checks how many turns it's been in battle and then applies the correct mult) so it can't be done at the end of the turn because then at the next turn it would be reset.

What we need to do is add a new trigger situation which happens at the beginning but before the player makes any input. This has actually appeared several times in our internal conversations so it looks like a good time to add it and see if any other abilities fit in that spot.