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Make the future of Ladder PvP Battle-Sim-Styled


Apr 17, 2020
So in the past I've immediately balked at the idea of being able to PvP with Tems you didn't train yourself. The "Battle-Sim" style where you build your team from a menu, key in their TVs, SVs, moves, etc. You can go from team idea to queuing into ladder with it in 10 minutes.

But recently I've been giving it more thought and I realized the only problem I have with it is that it makes perfectly trained teams obsolete. It removes that part of the game, it completely destroys the perfect market, and it makes breeding altogether pointless.

SO. That's actually a pretty easy problem to circumvent if I give it more thought.

To be clear: This idea could not be implemented in the current state of the game.

Sometime in the future, imagine there's many PvE activities that necessitate a perfect, leveled, TV trained team. Dojo wars, a battle tower-esque thing, maybe Crema sponsored in-game tournaments, and more things like Dojo Rematches (hopefully WAY more challenging than those though so that it actually requires perfects).

When that happens, why not make it possible to jump immediately into Ladder? Take away the massive time barrier to start PvPing and allow brand new players to play as soon as they want.

Most MMO's I've played treat PvP this way. You might be a level 4 scrub with starter gear out in PvE environments, but if you go into PvP you're immediately at the level cap, all skills available to you, and perfect gear that you can customize however you want (stat-wise, not aesthetically).

As long as there are other activities that necessitate the perfect teams I don't see any issue with making Ladder PvP immediately available to anyone and quite a few benefits.

With a lower barrier of entry to ladder one could assume you'd see more players on the ladder. It'd help bridge the gap from finishing the story to getting your first team too, since PvP is a great way to make money. It also means even for veterans we could try out new strategies as we think of them and not have to spend the week training up a team or deciding some off-the-wall strategy isn't worth the time/pansun investment.

Curious what other players think of the idea!
May 19, 2021
What if there was some kind of "Battle Bank" that would be the rough equivalent of an extra box for all players that behaved like a competitive team, and you could only use temtem in that "Battle Bank" box for the sim-styled mode? It would behave as an "Unlock" mechanism. If you want to use a perfect Oceara in any of those modes, you still have to buy or breed one first.

Now I hear what some people are going to think, "How is that even remotely different from just standard collection and competitive box?"

Think about what kind of modes Crema could make using this battle bank:

A lair where only tems in your battle bank appear and requires a large volume of them to make it as hard to manipulate as possible
A battle (PVP or PVE) with randomized temtem from your battle bank
A PVP battle where both players' tems are hidden in a pool and they take turns picking

They could do a lot with this that they couldn't do with the standard collection and competitive team boxes.


Jan 23, 2021
the no effort pvp thing I fear is bad fore the game. but i hear the "grind" complain a lot so I hope it gets it gets ignored and instead of fixing it via no effort pvp or cash shop (other suggested) i just hope crema find alternate ways to grind pansuns/tv that are fun and interesting.

That being sayd! it would be awesome to have like a place fore 8 players and there is a field with 100 random tems in the game. and players take turns picking 8 tems each tem can only be picked up once! by 1 player. those tems are trained 500/500 and ready to go. (like a draft)

or a mode where you get to pick 1 tem out of a selection of 3 tems 8 times, then get put into a pvp with other people and you get to use that team untill you lose twice, and you get rewards fore games won!

and you can que fore this like you would que fore a ranged battle. and if one of the ques pops you can go into that que.

and maby get a weekly quest to motivate peaple to play those things
win 10 lader matches get ???
win 3 draft matches get???
win 3 blind pick matches get ???
complete all 3 weekly's get ???


Nov 6, 2018
Draft pvp is on the roadmap released a long time ago. If that's still planned, that could be a mode that appeals to the "get in and pvp" crowd.