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Planned Making the entire game playable only with a mouse


Jul 10, 2019
So there's one thing that I absolutely love on 3 Nintendo platforms when it comes to RPG and it's the touch screen. The DS, 3DS and even the Wii U all made great use of the touch screen for RPG and it's just so comfortable to be able to breeze through combats in just a few clicks compared to using a controller and going from box to box slowly.

You did an amazing job with Combat being playable entirely with the mouse which I'm super thrilled about. However you can't use the mouse to move around the overworld which is a bummer. Now I understand that some mouse support has just been added in the most recent update so it's possible that you plan to add more in the future. And I can also see the problematics emerging from allowing for mouse to move your character. I'm not suggesting adding a pathfinding and everything just for the sake of mouse support. Just having a system where whenever you hold click in a direction your character runs towards that direction in a straight-line, even if there's a wall. Many DS and 3DS games have used that method to move your character, I think even the DS Zelda games have actually. Then there is the issue of interacting with NPCs and different things in the world. An easy solution would simply to make it so that you interact with whatever is in front of your character whenever you just do one simple click, maybe a double click, maybe something else, or even better give the option to the player.

I'm not an engineer but I assume it wouldn't be the hardest feature to implement in the game and I think it could add a lot to the game as a whole. I'm not only talking about general comfort for any player, I'm also talking about accessibility for people with a handicap and many other implications it has.

I'll survive if it doesn't make it into the game, but man I wish it could happen because switching from gamepad to mouse at the start and end of each fight is just annoying and only playing with a controller makes the menus needlessly slow and tedious at times (especially when you try to use an item or switch a Temtem in battle).


Jul 8, 2019
I second this. I can imagine it would make the game much more playable and less frustrating for players with neurological and/or muscular disabilities aswell. Good suggestion!


Game Director
Staff member
Oct 20, 2018
This is planned (at least on my mind) and I have some ideas on how to make everything work with the mouse (there's a few more things besides the movement) but we still need to think more about it and test some stuff.


Jul 22, 2019
I was about to suggest this as well. I think what would work is click to move like he suggests as well as click to interact. Then right click would open and close the menu. Obviously this would cause movement to cease while menus are open.