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[Meta] Temtem cannot afford to be quiet about the upcoming 1.0 Patch


Nov 22, 2020
I made no commentary on how fun the sticker hunt can be to anyone. But grabbing every sticker in your entire game to then still have to rely on finding people with the ones that weren't in your limited spawn pool, willing to trade or give them to you, isn't rewarding. It makes your entire hunt invalidated because completion was always beyond your means and now you have to hope those other things you need are in circulation and constantly being generated by new players doing their hunts. And if other people just don't want to do sticker hunts? That's other people paying the price for it too.
I can't disagree there, though. I think it might be better if there was some sticker trading hub.


Dec 29, 2021
On the topic of sticker trading, am I the only one who's annoyed that people are complaining about a little bit of socializing in a game labeled as an MMO? Like, c'mon, you signed up for the genre. Pet peeve.

(P.S. If you need stickers, my completed books are open with spares)
"mmo" played hard for over 6 months with it being 99% single player and fun experience, lairs, pvp, co-op were optional. just like your handheld games. but NOW they want to make it the "mmo" and add all those elements in, and incentvize them heavily when we were used to something else. trading SHOULD have been OPTIONAL to make it easier, like inviting your friend to help you on the final boss cus you struggle (helped a friend of mine but i didn't need the help). the whole spreadsheets and everyone having alt accounts and still not enough was a nightmare
any aspect thats not single player needs to be optional, not have rewards you can't get in single player mode but can replicate some of them to make getting more a bit faster easier (be it hotfixes or kudo etc), but foster a slightly more ease of use, think battle toads with your friend but not hitting each other and not tuned so high. nothing wrong with helping a casual friend through a gym or something. kinda sucks when you get 5 people for a lair and 1 eats your gems and dips out tho, and this whole war thing
Nov 12, 2020
If the battle frontier area is fun and rewarding enough I could see it being incentive enough for casual players to be motivated through the grind to build teams, leading to more PVP players. The hard part is convincing casual players all the TV training and leveling is worth the investment of time and campaign pansuns.

There could be a PvE club collaborative aspect to the battle frontier where all members' wins count toward a cumulative reward for the whole club, such as increased TV yield rate and/or increased experience yield. For example: every 100 cumulative wins at the battle frontier, the leader can turn on double TV training for an hour.


Jun 25, 2019
For example: every 100 cumulative wins at the battle frontier, the leader can turn on double TV training for an hour.
Crema just needs to accept that the entire current system for training is a bust and go back to the drawing board.
We should just have fast options to respec in endgame scenario.
Pay X amount get whatever TV spread you want instantly.
Pay X amount to go from lvl 1 -> 100 instantly.
Simple as.
May 19, 2021
I don't think literally anyone would mind if level auto-scaling was universal in post-game, and your tem's level only mattered for learning moves and getting through the story. The would cut out an uncountable number of hours grinding.
Nov 12, 2020
don't think literally anyone would mind if level auto-scaling was universal in post-game, and your tem's level only mattered for learning moves
This is the main problem with technique pools for certain tems. Some tems only get a good STAB technique at level 90+ such as Shaolant's Soul Shout and Sanbi's Matter Teleport. I don't know why those tems need to be such a high level to get those techniques since it means anyone playing through the story won't have a good attack, are obtained at a point of the game where players don't want to backtrack to rebuild tems from a hatchling, and as a result will either ignore new tems to plow through the campaign or struggle to grind without looking up what the tem learns at what level only to be disappointed with the game overall. Why does Chimurian need to be level 96 for Crystal Plume Gatling when Tuvine gets it at only 43?


Jan 30, 2020
Similar topics have been read many times, but the conclusion is the same.
The answers from them all revolve around the fact that temtem is already a very successful game, and the success beyond expectations doesn't feel like a big problem.
Also get some dialogue like don't need to teach them how to work or make games and don't compare to various mmos.

But don't forget how huge the number of people buying this game is and how small is the number of people who are still doing it online now and on a daily basis.
For the past two years, I have only felt the wonderful feedback and sense of accomplishment they have gotten from being immersed in a very small number of communities. It can be said to be a beautiful poison.
Even specifically to please/accept the opinions of specific people to improve the game.
Information and any surprise new events cannot be conveyed to all players who love temtem.
I believe that everyone has played many well-known mobile games. When the official version is launched, it will definitely make the server explode, and all the people from various platforms and the past will explode at one time.
If you ask me they have the ability to prepare for it, I think my answer is no,but they can improve slowly, just like mobile games.
To sum up my opinion, we who are still playing are already prisoners, and their focus is only to attract more players who have not joined recently.
Maybe the official version is not as good as what we expected, but you can only accept it. If you like it, stay and if you are disappointed, quit
No matter how many DLCs or uneven results will come in the future.

A lot of people mentioned twitch streamer or youtuber before, don't forget we've had a lot of them over the past two years but they've disappeared too.
These are just my personal thoughts, I am still very grateful to everyone at crema for their hard work, at least for bringing me a wonderful adventure.


Sep 5, 2021
Think about the sticker system for a sec, how many people have said that stickers were a decent idea but the actual mechanics need to be fleshed out. There was a serious imbalance of stickers for a bit there, I have no idea if this is still the case. And what is Crema's most recent Tweet? Showing off a 2 new sticker designs. Why? With all of the frustration that system made Crema is gonna devote development time to potentially add more stickers?

I am so nervous for the 1.0 release. Right now it really feels like this game is gonna be just another fad. Fall guys, Hotwheels Unleashed, Maneater. A game that gets heavy attention for a week and then that's it. I really think a majority of people will finish the story, hit that steep endgame wall, and then quit. And since they bought the game, Crema has the profit they want. This has felt less and less like a passionate indie project from the first few months in, and I really am not optimistic for the future. TM said that there's gonna be a ton of changes with the next patch, but beyond the stat rework, what else is there? I feel like a little more communication wouldn't hurt in this regard, especially because everyone's a little tense from discussions about the future of the game rn.