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Noxolotl's Trance Change

Yong Jeonsa

May 7, 2021
Prior to stage changes Noxolotl got +2 spatk and +2 Spdef which equals to +4 Spatk and +4 spdef in the current stage changes. Currently Noxolotl gets +2 of both.

The previous identity of Trance Noxolotl was that it transformed mid battle into a completely different beast if Trance was achieved successfully. It gave Trance Noxolotl a really unique identity and a fun and unique play style. It also allowed Noxolotl to fit into stall teams decently even though it's self regeneration was one off and unreliable. Some are saying that the current Noxolotl is the Tucma era identity. I am not against that but it would be nice to also keep the mid battle transformation identity. Not to mention that if a Temtem anime is ever released then it would be super cool to watch Trance Nox in action 😎

However, with the change to Trance this no longer is the case. In its current state the risk of achieving Trance out weighs the benefits. Trance puts Noxolotl to sleep for 2 turns as well and it does not seem worth it to try and live at below 30% HP just to gain +2 spatk and +2 spdef and also be slept for 2 turns especially when you consider that if the opponent applies another status then the regenerating status is removed instead of sleep. It also feels very underwhelming atleast on stall teams especially if you aren't running madness buff. I personally don't like running madness buff on my stall teams simply because of the HP loss. With trance in its current state it is better to refresh or sparks once and get one Stone Wall or Quartz Shield because you essentially get the same value for lower risk.

The stage changes has made Noxolotl once again viable in turbo choreography teams which is good. I support versatility. However the trance change wasn't what made Noxolotl viable on other teams instead its made nox difficult to justify in stall teams. Noxolotl always had Turbo Choreography and Stare. Stare has retained the same value it had prior to stage changes and as far as I remember Noxolotl did not receive any stat changes. So it wasn't the change to trance that made Noxolotl viable in other teams. It just made Noxolotl not a very good choice for stall teams. This really hurt stall teams because the stall archetype really lacks carry options that are not of the nature typing. Noxolotl was the best if not the only toxic carry option for stall teams. Noxolotl on stall teams was also a good option because it did not share the fire and toxic weakness. Currently stall as an archetype is in a state where the options available which fit in well into stall teams is just stacking fire and toxic weaknesses.

Somewhere out there, there maybe an opinion that trance nerf was necessary to make it on par with Toxic Skin but if we look at Toxic Skin realistically then it's not the most competitive trait. Toxic Skin isn't a bad trait but compared to other competitive traits like Heater, Pyromaniac, Diffuser etc then Toxic Skin feels like a pre-evolution trait.

Base stats wise I think Noxolotl isn't that bad. It has decent or good HP depending on how you look at it. Has good def and spatk, moderate spd and atk and poor sta and spdef. So base stats wise I don't think Noxolotl is bad.

I would like to suggest buffing Trance to +3 spatk and +3 spdef. At +3 it wouldn't feel like the risk out weighs the benefits and wouldn't be insanely over powering. This could help Noxolotl retain its mid battle transformation identity along with its tucma identity. At +3 Nox also would not be able to achieve Max spatk and Spdef with the combination of madness buff and Trance and since spdef is currently the hardest stat to buff Noxolotl will not reach max spdef easily. I am not sure if nerfing the regeneration from 4 turns to 3 turns was necessary but I will leave that to Crema to decide.


Apr 8, 2022
Trance Noxolotl was a monster into special/sparks teams, one that made the matchup a bit binary at times. Noxolotl still has a spot in stall teams in my opinion however it is currently very over-shadowed by Volarend due to its' access to Toxic Plume, and Shuine's incredible and unparalleled SpDEF scaling. If either of those tems see a nerf, alongside Yowlar ofc, I foresee Noxololtl cinching a firmer spot in stall teams.

Noxolotl's base stats are pretty high, its base def and spatk ranking among the higher end of the roster.

Trance can not see a buff, not with FAK being the way that it is. Healing with defensive buffs are gross combination, especially burst healing, and especially healing that does not require and moveslot or turn economy from the tem. If FAK sees a nerf of some sort, I would be far more comfortable seeing Trance get a buff. As of right now, I think Trance Noxolotl is fine.