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OT Freetem


Apr 13, 2020
I dont disagree with the changes to Freetem. Though I do find the reasoning off. You should combat bot with complexity and engagement. The reason players bought thier freetem was the because the content itself was undesirable.

Freetem should, similar to the changes to Kiosh fishing, have little things to spice it up and speed it along. I propose Freetem not be based on individual temtem but thier value. There are a couple of ways you could do that:

1. You could simply make it based on the temtem's catch rate and rarity.

2. You can place bounties weekly, it could be either specific tem or specific types and have those tem worth multiple points depending on the tem. Also all radar tem would be double points(and it would stack).

3. You could be tasked with releasing specific "tagged" temtem by the Freetem associate. They tell you where and what temtem they rescued and tagged and ask you to perform a wellness check of sorts. You'll go there, run around in the grass for a rare chance encounter(to incentivise freemteming while you look for it). It would be a buffed version of the tem, + modifiers to stats, egg moves, maybe even bigger in size? It would have a tagged symbol, similar to how Lumas have the star. You must catch it. Once you catch it, you release for a massive amount of progress to Freetem that week. Or you could squad it and remove the tag and forfeit it that week(it returns to the standard version, no tag, keeps stats and egg moves though)

I feel any combination of these would require us to put just a slight bit more thought and planning into how we freetem. Not only are you thinking where to go for those multipliers, your planning out your dojo rematches aswell to maximize your efficiency or your feeling good after conquering a buffed boss.