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PVP arena: Why are we still locked to only one?

May 19, 2021
I feel like Temtem's PVP could be at least slightly more interesting if the PVP arena wasn't the same bland green space every single time. There are several options I could see for fixes to this:

1. "Your Eyes Only" also known as "Client-Side". You can set what arena you like in a customization panel and only you will see it. This will allow everyone to have free choice and I consider this the best option. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard or take too long for Crema, at the very least, to make an adaptation of existing combat environments and slap the spectator bleachers in there. Any spectators would see the arena they have set as well.

2. Randomized Arena, where neither player has any agency over what it looks like, but at least it's not the same one for 100% of the games. This is what I consider a compromise option if option 1 is too much work.

3. Both players can pick their favorite arena and set it, but it only controls their half of the field. This is the option that could lead to the most variety in fields, but I believe this would require the most technical work because the game would have to properly find out what to render for everyone including spectators.

4. This is the wild option, because it would require big changes to housing (which, honestly, are desperately needed anyway but that's another topic). Give players a big space in their house to fit a temtem arena in, and allow them to set that arena for their PVP and it could render their house around it during the game. I don't foresee this option ever happening, but it's fun to throw it out there.

There are so many combat environments in temtem that all effectively cease to be used outside of radars once you're done with the story. Let's examine how many of them there are (I'm going to do this from memory so I'm certainly going to miss some).

Deniz Grass
Deniz Water/Surfing
Omni Grass
Omni Water/Surfing
Tucma Grass
Tucma Water/Surfing
Kisiwa Grass
Kisiwa Water/Surfing
Cipanku Grass
Cipanku Water/Surfing
Arbury Grass
Arbury Water/Surfing

Deniz Cave
Omni Volcano
Tucma Cave
Kisiwa Cave
Cipanku Cave
The Highbelow
The Telobos
Castle Braeside
Final Boss Tower

Deniz Dojo
Omni Dojo
Tucma Dojo
Kisiwa Dojo
Cipanku Dojo
Arbury Dojo

Even just forgetting more niche stuff like one-off indoor battles that are basically never used, don't you think it would be a massive improvement to be able to either choose from or cycle randomly between at least some of these?