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Open Severals bugs on Nintendo Switch


Jan 21, 2023
Hello Support. I would like to comment on the various bugs that are occurring in the Nintendo Switch version and that, accidentally, made me sell a perfect Gyalis with all the eggmoves for only 100 Pansols. Unfortunately, I didn't take a screenshot at the time, but I can describe what I was doing at the time of the bug. In summary, the problems occurred when I was in the breeding center and I put several tens to breed. Then I traveled to Arbury and went to the auction house to place some items for sale. However, all the tems that were in the production center appeared floating on the screen when I went to select the tem details option. Unfortunately, as I wasn't seeing it accurately, I ended up selecting the put option without even having selected the price. I'd like to point out that I also have a copy of the game for PS 5. Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch version leaves a lot to be desired. In addition to the numerous bugs, we have a huge delay and loading when entering battles. Finally, I would like to ask support for support in an attempt to get my item back or to cancel the sale I made. Ps.: Apologies for my bad English.