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[Shop] ign W'nter


May 24, 2021
Message me in game or on discord [zZWinterZz#8403#]

Rugged Shirt 20k
Striped T-Shirt 10k
Dojo Raider Shorts 8k
Spiky Hair 1.5k
Sundress and sneakers 200p
Pansunglasses 500p
Pushed-up shades 1k
Blue Marguerite 50k
laser 20k
Zadar Red 15k
Copper Rust 10k
Rose Bud 7k
Hibiscus 5k
Banyan Brown 4k
Elm 4k
Hatless Hill Dust 4k
Kakama Green 4k
Mudshire green 4k
Nanto Blue 4k
Pickled Bean 4k
Orange Pansunset 3k
Sea Queen 2k
Virulent Gust 100k
Hyperkinetic strike 35k
Toxic Slime 20k
Lifeful Sap 20k
Engineered DNA strands 9k
Double DNA strands 4.5k
Wish you well coins 2.5k
incubator tickets 1.8k
Enhancer Fruits 300p
Temcard++ 200p
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