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Open V.1.2.1 - Game UX stopped functioning after analyzing the TemTem of another player while he teleports


Jan 9, 2023
TemTem Bug Report - Log (10/01/2022) - Pastebin.com (Game Log here)
player ID : Jellyfishyu #2476551
  • What were you doing when the bug happened?
    • I was scanning the TemTem (the last evolution of the psy starter) of another player to add its informations to my TemDeck. The player teleported away (with the ninja bomb I presume), while the scanning animation was playing. By the end of the animation, the player and his Temtem were gone.
  • What did happen exactly? All interactive elements stopped functionning : Keyboard shortcuts (to move the character, open menus, etc...), movable elements (chat, quick bar, map, TemTem team swapping). The only thing working is Alt+F4. I can still see players moving around, and my character sat down normally after some forced AFK time. Some animations were still playing, like the Temtem Icon carrying with the mouse, or the little quick menu thing poking on the left, but nothing else happened after.
  • What did you expect to happen? The scan to stop, or carry on normally ? At least not my game to be completely frozen and being unable to play...
  • Does it happen every time? Only happened once, cannot comment on that.
  • Does it happens even after restarting the game? After restarting, game carried on normally and everything works again.
Thanks for your attention, and have a nice day 'v'