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Why weren't Telohack/hotfix Boxes removed from the overworld in the first place?


Feb 7, 2020
If the issue with the Original Telohacks were that people were resetting accounts for them to obtain more than intended, why didn't Crema just gut that to begin with? We'd still have the old (somewhat now fixed) issue of Mythicals being tied to Luma values, so the split was necessary. But we wouldn't need to have OT restrictions and untradeable hacks and all that.

The only explanation would be that Crema isn't wanting to rebalance loot pools or something based on how often the average player obtains these items. The individual player experience and MMO market are at odds with each other in some way, traditionally. Not just for this game but literally any other game with an economy. In other words, they want individuals to obtain telos faster in exchange for the ability for them to flood the market.

But by not choosing to address this elephant in the room, we now have very few long-term game choices that aren't painful. Want a specific luma? You get 3 shots a week to even have a reasonable chance to get one. You can't buy one because you can't improve those, sucks to be you.

I'd rather bite the bullet and have telohotfixes not in the overworld and adjusted drop rates to avoid long term damage with inflation issues from people listing them, and in return we ALL get:

1) A better luma value economy, with niche non-OT lumas seeing some better pricing instead of being complete "trash".
2) Lumas in varying states of "perfections" hitting the market with meaning, so that working on a luma and then giving up doesn't effectively wipe its economic existence/purpose.
3) Items that newer players can work to obtain and then sell to more established players in order for them to have a reliable money-maker that doesn't have an upfront prep cost like Dojos do.
4) Lairs allow for more overall interaction with the market.

Anyone from here on who wants a specific luma, or anyone who finds a random luma they no longer want, now have a means to mutually benefit. Any player who gets items like these and does not want to use them can now find a purpose for them. People who have stockpiled a ton of money and are BEGGING for a specific luma or a specific telohack/hotfix and have just hit a wall of horrid RNG no longer have that months-long frustration.

I spent 3 months on 3 different accounts just to get a single Toxolotl radar. I would die to buy any Molgu or Garyo that I could telohack up. People would be doing weeklies or buying from people who do weeklies just to watch these numbers go up.

I've been wondering this for a long time and just never bothered to ask, but when I was introducing this game to a friend I had to add a disclaimer: Don't make it a goal to find a specific luma, here's the hoops you would have to jump through, good luck if you decide anyway.

So what am I missing here?
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Feb 2, 2021
Making Telomere hacks untradeable might just have been one of the most destructive changes in the game's history. It devolved Lumas into almost two entirely binary tiers: Perfect and trophy-only. Outside of being slightly better at Dojo rematches, after it's bred out a Luma with seven green stats doesn't really hold much more market value than one with four orange stats. Because the moment it's sold it's forever locked at that position of being unusable to competitive players and perfectionists.

This change really needs to be reverted already. Reconsider the distribution of Telofixes if you're not content with the distribution, but the untradeable thing just messes up the entire market for Lumas. The concept of a "fixer upper" needs to exist if stats are to have a remotely linear correlation with value.